Test project

a test project:

Butterick B4527– a pattern for a few different maternity tops and a dress. After my chaotic maternity shopping experience I decided to try to make my own dress for my SIL’s wedding that we will be attending the first weekend in August. So the purple is my test project that follows virtually the same pattern as the dress, only shorter. This way I will be able to adjust the pattern to ensure a perfect fit for the dress, which I will be making out of a Tiffany blue linen.

All that was left to do was sew in the second half of the zipper, hem the bottom and attach the straps in front when my sewing machine decided to take a break. A long break. She needed to be retimed so I took her into the shop, devastated that I could not wear my new shirt! She finally came back to me yesterday and I will be finishing that project today. I hope I haven’t grown much since last weekend!!!

With my machine in the shop, I was able to focus on my Paton’s sleeves, which I calculate I am 35-ish rows away from casting off. Now all I’ll need is a model to try on the sweater since it clearly won’t fit me now!


4 responses to “Test project

  1. My sewing machine went to the shop last Monday and I won’t get it back until the 14th. UGH! I hate when that happens. Luckily it’s not often. Have been sewing since it’s too warm now to knit. Had a quick question for you – what shade number is the Berroco yarn you are using on your Hourglass sweater? Its beautiful in your photos and I would like to use it on a project. I can’t tell from the color chart on their website. If you had a moment could you let me know? Thanks! Kathy

  2. Good luck with the maternity sewing, my favorite things were ones I made, just be sure to make them with enough room for the belly to come!

  3. What a cute pattern, I can’t wait to see the results!

  4. That’ll be very cute, as a short and as a long item! I broke the newish sewing machine my grandmother sent me-too many layers of fleece at once. So, it was back to the 40 year old Kenmore. It does straight, zig-zag and that’s it. But it always works, even if it slows down now and then (I think it needs a new belt).

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