Amy Butler Fever

I’m all about the Amy Butler patterns. I would be all about her fabric, but it is SUPER expensive for my frugal taste!

Nappy Bag #2- a graduation gift for my brother’s girlfriend. She’ll be using it for college books, etc. My brother likes to tease her about her love for enormous bags, saying that she could hide an illegal immigrant in there. I think the bag will be perfect for school.

I learned while making this bag ALLLLL day yesterday that JUST because you have made the bag before doesn’t mean that it’ll go faster the second time around. I actually failed to read the directions properly and ended up putting the lining in backwards, requiring me to rip out seams and redo the right way. That mistake cost me about an hour at least!

Next bunch of grad gifts are for my cousin- the Bedside Organizer and Oversized Laundry Bag from Amy Butler’s In Stitches.

All the pieces were cut late last night and I’ll start putting them together today!

I love the clearance section in the fabric stores. You can find such great stuff at a bargain. I thought that the pink and orange were fun, dorm-ish colors and I know that any additional organizational items are always great to have while at school. The bedside organizer is definitely on my own list of house projects.

The cotton camisole from Last Minute Knitted Gifts is in full swing! I finished the lace section and now it is just straight stockinette for a while. You’ve got to love those Purl patterns, never any seams. The Jo Sharp Cotton is hands down the best cotton I have ever worked with. This project will be a quick one I think.

And last but not least, our little painting helper:

Note the paint on her fur. She wanted to help, I guess!


6 responses to “Amy Butler Fever

  1. I love that bag! And look at that dog! She is such a cutie. I bet my dog ends up with the paint in her hair too when we paint this week.

  2. You’ve been finding great fabric! Your nappy bag looks so great. I just love that pattern. 🙂

  3. What a great bag and I love the fabric – how fun!

  4. I would love to have such an adorable painting partner! My little Emma is a cutie too. It would be cute to see them together- a cutefest!

    I always liked the nappy bag. I am going to try out the weekender bag soon!

  5. That’s a great bag! I love the colors for the new fabric too, you have great stuff over there!

    Poor little Mercy!

  6. I love the bag. I just finished with the Amy butler Messenger bag and it took me all day as well. My sister-in-law is expecting a baby and I think the Nappy Bag would be awesome for her. I love the fabric you chose!

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