Kicking around

Week 24 and still kicking!

Our little baby girl seems to like kicking around ALOT, especially when there are loud noises. Apparently babes en-utero can hear at this point.

I’ve had few complaints, other than the scorching heat over the past few weeks. Thankfully we have A/C but it is still fairly comical to see me in tank tops and shorts with every fan in the house on, while my husband is bundled up in sweats. I have this thing called “pregnancy congestion” which basically means I feel like I have a cold and my nose is stuffed up. Constantly. According to, this affects 20- 30% of pregnant women. Unfortunately there’s not a whole lot of immediate relief!

At 24 weeks, the uterus is about the size of a basketball, so I wasn’t able to get a clear picture as to whether my freshed seamed Paton’s V-Neck Sweater fits. Anyways, here she is in all her glory.

Pattern: Paton’s Next Steps 2: Create Your Own Pullover

Yarn: Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in Sapphire

Needles: US size 7

It took me long enough, but I finished her amid record high temperatures, typically not your usual 100 % wool knitting time. The V-Neck looks kind of low, actually really really low, but I would never wear this Wool Of the Andes beauty without a full length shirt underneath- too itchy! I really like this Paton’s booklet because you have all the pattern pieces to create many different looks, a v-neck, crew neck, turtle neck, cowl neck… etc. etc.! I have been eyeing the Next Steps 3: Create your own Cardigan as well as the Snow Country booklet that includes these two numbers:









I’m not quite sure what’s up on the needles next, I do have the camisole that I’ve been working on, but I’m unhappy with the size and may need to start anew. I may start working on some baby items.



8 responses to “Kicking around

  1. Baby things are awesome! I just bought Amy Karol’s new book, Bend the Rules Sewing, and there are some adorable things in there!!!

  2. Your pullover looks great! Sorry to hear it’s so hot there.

  3. Your V neck looks fabulous! Yeah, knit some baby things, they go quickly and you’ll get that good feeling of finishing something more quickly! That hoodie is pretty interesting…

  4. Found your blog today, and noticed your Prov. 3:5 scripture tag. Comforting to see a sister in Christ! (I’m upstate in NY, and a believer who knits, too. But … no blog.)
    Thanks for sharing! Look forward to seeing some baby things.

  5. Love the V neck! Baby knitting is really fun, that’s what I recommend 😉

  6. Ugh! I was pregnant during the summer too and I could never get comfy because of the heat. I also had the congestion which was really beautiful at night because I started snoring around 7 months… it was sweet revenge when my snoring husband complained that my snoring was getting too loud for him to sleep! haha! The sweater is cute, I like the deep v-neck. Isn’t that the fashion now, to layer under v’s? I think it will look really cute with a lacey tee under it.

  7. Woah, Dana! You have really been at it! Your sweater is great, and the bedside organizer? Too cute. So, are you stopping ove r this week sometime?

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