More Amy Butler

Bedside Organizer, gifted to my college bound cousin

From Amy Butler’s In Stitches

Fabrics: Main Fabric- Joann’s clearance $3 a yard!

Lining- polka dot cotton print from my stash

Deck- duck cloth

Modifications: I opted to NOT use two layers of duck cloth for the deck and used just one, as I was sure that my machine would break if it had to sew through 4 layers of that and several layers of home deck fabric.

I also used cotton for the lining instead of the home deck fabric (I ran out) and I like the way it turned out, plus it was easier to sew through.

This was seriously the never-ending project. For some reason it just took me forever! I did have issues with needle breakage and jamming of my machine due to the thickness of what I had to sew through. I have a newer Singer machine and I just don’t understand what I am doing wrong. I used size 16 needles!!! I suppose I should be using a denim needle for this kind of work? Regardless, it makes me nervous to attempt the Weekender Bag.


In baby news, my in-laws bought us our travel system (stroller, car seat, etc.) and baby carrier. We are so thrilled and thankful! Mercy didn’t seem to like the carrier much, but it’s not for her anyways.

We’re off to the woods for a camping getaway for the weekend- a nice relaxing weekend and some campfire knitting!


9 responses to “More Amy Butler

  1. Your project looks great and you look absolutely beautiful!

  2. Mercy does not look too happy in the carrier. I love the organizer! Did you add a pocket or two for diapers?

  3. LOVE the fabric/color of that bedside bag! I broke the relatively new Kenmore that my grandmother sent up by using too many layers of something, I think it was fleece. So I went back to the old Kenmore, from 1965 or so, does forward/back/straight/zigzag and that’s it. But’s made of metal and is a trooper. Where’d you go camping?

  4. I love the bedside organizer! I want to make one for Luc. I know it will take a while- so many pockets! Yours turned out great.

    I will let you know about the weekender bag. I am going to start mine as soon as I finish Luc’s quilt top.

    And you look adorable with Mercy in the baby carrier!!

  5. Silly dog 🙂 I love those carriers!

  6. Wow! That organiser is pretty cool.

  7. The bedside organizer thingie looks like a very useful item. Especially in a college dorm room where space is limited! And the orange is gorgeous!

  8. The organizer is awesome! I hope you had a great weekend camping.

  9. The organizer is cute… you are going to need lots of organization after the baby is here! Mercy is so cute.

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