Walk in the Word Summer Bus Tour

We had a really cool speaker coming to our church, James MacDonald from Walk in the Word Ministries. They have a SWEET jingle song that gets stuck in my head for hours after hearing it once. So we were running late as usual rushing out the door as soon as my husband got home from work without having a second to eat dinner, the program started at 7 pm, our church seats at least 2000 and we figured that we would be able to squeeze in there.

Of course the place is incredibly packed with no seats to be seen. Seen by the non-usher eye, that is. My husband serves as an usher at our church and I must say he’s a pretty good one too! He always finds people seats and is always a friendly face ushering you into the sanctuary. Always helpful, always willing. Ushers have a “spidey-sense” if you will, of where there are extra seats among other things, so here we are, 7:05 pm, and my superhero husband leads me down the aisles to the FIRST ROW! Right next to our senior pastor, Jerry Gillis, and our guest speaker James MacDonald!

SO um hi, Mr. MacDonald. I hear you on the radio sometimes when I get up really early. And here you are, all way taller and balder than I had expected!

It is WIERD to meet people you hear on the radio! Even stranger to sit next to them.

On top of sitting in the FRONT ROW next to the pastors, we quickly realized that we had left the house in our mad dash without bibles or anything to take notes on. I think everybody else in the entire place had their bibles and notebooks. I had a pen and nothing to write on other than my grocery receipt that was about a foot long. We opted not to rip the receipt in half and try taking notes on that.

All unprepared, we totally felt like we were kids sitting outside the principal’s office! Aside from that, MacDonald was the bomb! He is an awesome down to earth kind of guy and speaks in a way that everyone can understand. I highly recommend checking out his broadcasts, which are conveniently available as podcasts as well! I think I may start doing that because his 5 am show on the radio is just a wee too early for me.

I have been getting some knitting done, as you can see…

Dublin Bay Sock #1. Lorna’s Laces… mmm. .. what else can I say?

Baby Bear Bootie # 1 of 4.

Not for the four-legged variety of babies, but rather for two babies! My husband’s cousins, brother and sister, each found out that they were expecting at the same time! Imagine calling up your mother and asking if she’s ready to be a grandma for her to turn around and ask you if you are ready to be an aunt? Anyways, both sets of parents had little boys this past May, within weeks of one another. Their actual due dates were one day apart! I’m cranking to get these done by next Thursday or Friday when we will be back in California for a wedding so I can personally give them to the boys!


5 responses to “Walk in the Word Summer Bus Tour

  1. Wow! Your knitting socks. That sock looks really cool.

  2. Your church is BIG! 🙂 I love the sock and the bright colors in it.

  3. Walk, walk in the Word, walk in the Word! Was’t that an amazing time of worship in God’s Word? I’m listening to Pastor James right now (while I am working and checking your blog!)

  4. Those little bear booties are so cute!

  5. Love those slippers ~ extremely cute! We have alot of babies being born in our family right now also, so my eye is out for these type of great projects.

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