Bear-y Cute

A few weeks late but ready to ship at last to the new little wee ones. They won’t fit into them for another couple of months so I’m not too concerned about the timing. They’re supposed to look like bears- at least that’s what they looked like in the book. Mine sort of look like dogs but I still think they are cute!

Mercy was a great sport and modeled them for blog pics, seeing as how we don’t have a baby to model them yet!

We assembled the second part of the nursery set- the changing table- and I had my qualms about how sturdy it was. As we were takinng the empty box out to the garage I noticed something that was NOT included in the catalogue description: “Max weight for changing table is 15 pounds.”

15 pounds!?!?!?!?!?! Give me a break! Some babies are born at 10 pounds! (but hopefully not ours- ouch!) 15 pounds is like a 6 month old baby! I have 2 days to get the set unassembled and back to the store for a full refund. I can’t believe a company would expect someone to buy a piece of furniture like a changing table that could only be used for less than 6 months.

Let this be a warning to all- never purchase the Rockland Nursery in a Box from JCPenney’s or anywhere else.

My mom and I are going crib shopping later this morning. Back to the drawing board!


8 responses to “Bear-y Cute

  1. Those booties are so sweet, and seeing them on Mercy really cracked me up! I think we had a handed down changing table, but I think setting up a spot on a lowish bureau works just fine too. Of course there WAS a lot of changing on the floor or grass or wherever (on a blanket). I think that what to expect book (or it is the what to eat when… or the what the baby should eat in the first year…) that has a GREAT carrot cake recipe. It’s in two places, and is better in the mom version than the baby version. And I always made it with the std cream cheese and sugar frosting. I’ll look and see if I still have some banana bread type recipe made with leftover baby food, will email it to you.

  2. Those booties are too cute – and I love the model!

    I had a 10-pounder. All my babies were very easy to spot in the hospital nursery… the big ones :o)

  3. I’m glad you are returning the furniture. We got both of the boy’s nursery furniture sets from Penney’s, and we were never totally happy with them. I hope you get exactly what you want!
    I thought we needed to have a changing table, but it truly was much easier to change them on the floor, or our bed, etc.

    The little slippers are adorable- and how funny on Mercy! To me it looks like she is not too happy to be modeling them!!

  4. The booties are soooooo cute! (Even more cute with Mercy wearing them.)

    I hope you get the change table and crib back in time.

  5. Oh. My. Goodness. What a totally cute picture of Mercy with those little booties on. She looks unsure if they actually go with her outfit, but what the hay!

  6. Those booties are so cute! I think they look like bears!

    I hope you get your refund… that’s really insane especially since most kids these days aren’t potty trained until 2.5 or 3!

  7. Dana, that is the funniest picture of Mercy yet! The nursery sewing is fantastic, by the way…very nice.

  8. Those booties are so adorable! Love them! Mercy makes a great model too 😉

    Mine were little babies 5.15 and 2.15, so we could have used that changing table for a long time, but I am glad you’re taking the set back and starting over. You’ll feel better having something that will hold up.

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