30 down, 10 (or less) to go

We have 10 weeks to go until our due date- at times that feels like a really LONG time and at others it feels like it is coming up so quickly that I can hardly breathe.

I feel as though we are somewhat in denial about the impending birth of our daughter; the reality of having a baby has not totally set in yet. I’m told that this is normal and my aunt informed me that she was in this denial even during labor & delivery. My mom and a friend of mine are throwing us a baby shower in the middle of September, so maybe we’ll feel like this is more real once we have some baby gear in the house!

We’ve also been blessed with a pretty easy pregnancy thus far and pray that this continues, which might be why it doesn’t seem real. My biggest complaints are the sinus congestion and the weight thing, which were both major gripes of mine before this all started anyways. We have friends that have been on bedrest, one that has been on hospitalized bedrest for the past 5 weeks and will likely continue to be until her due date (which is the end of November!), and another who has a breech positioned baby and is measuring too small for reasons unknown, some which could be serious and some which are not so serious.

I’m starting to get a little paranoid- like ok, what’s wrong with ours? I read Kristin Nicholas’ (knitwear and textile designer) blog entry about her daughter Julia’s condition and I got a little freaked out. On top of that, the next book in the series I am reading by Karen Kingsbury, entitled Summer, involves a pregnancy where there is something wrong with the baby, in addition to a few other storylines. Sadly, I won’t be reading that one anytime soon, even though I am dying to know how Katy and Dayne are doing as newlyweds on the set of their movie!!!!!!! I haven’t had an ultrasound since 20 weeks or so, as the doctors have had not reason to do so yet. My blood pressure is fine, I measure fine, I’m not bleeding, no cramping, I’m not retaining any excess fluid, the baby’s heartbeat continues to be strong…I’m told that eventually the doctors will take an ultrasound to check the position of the baby but I just really want to see her and hear them say that everything is fine. I have an OB appointment next Thursday, so maybe my fears will be put to rest. Or maybe this is just the start of the motherly worrying!

On the lighter side, some interesting things I have experienced during pregnancy lately:

1- Misjudging the space I can fit through, ie: in the grocery store trying to squeeze between someone’s cart and the milk case, inevitably causing chaos. So far though I have not knocked over a display, though I fear I might one of these days.

2- Bending at the waist is no longer a comfortable option. So much for washing the floors by hand. Sorry mom, I have unwashed floors.

3- Random strangers are nicer to me- when walking to the car in a parking lot, people wait patiently for you, grocery store shoppers don’t get angry when you stand in their way by accident.

4- Waking up at 3 am for two hours because a stuffy nose won’t let me sleep. So Nancy Grace reruns keep me company while I sniffle.

5- People asking when I’m due and they act surprised, like I should be giving birth NOW, or ask if I am having twins. NEVER EVER do those two things to a pregnant woman!!! I’m paranoid enough about how I look.

We’re scheduling a bunch of things to do in September, meeting with the pediatricians, taking a tour of the hospital’s labor and delivery wing, and starting childbirth classes, so our plate is full next month! Until then I will just wait and knit and sew, trying to train Mercy to respond appropriately to baby cries 🙂


7 responses to “30 down, 10 (or less) to go

  1. You WASH YOUR FLOORS BY HAND? Oh my gosh. Well, say goodbye to that little fun activity. I never even did that before I had children, but now, no way. But it’s nice to know that you are super clean. =)

  2. Yeah, jeesh, #5, what are people thinking? I also had an uneventful pregnancy and a reasonably uneventful birth (induction w/ gel set it all in motion 2 wks late, but went just fine), and a healthy baby (though he had a hematoma on his head for a few weeks-looking back, kinda funny looking; at the time, beauty and wonder). Did I tell you the night I knew I was pregnant I had a dream where somebody handed me a Dali-type painting with chromosomes dripping all off of a plate, titled ‘Trisomy 21’? So I was in a minor panic for a while! Remember it’s mostly the unusual stories you hear, there are lots and lots of ‘unremarkable’ (medical ling0) pregnancies and births (though new life, how can it not be remarkable?)

  3. This post made me smile. Even though my children are 14 and 13, I still remember very vividly the feelings of (a) this isn’t really happening; (b) there must be something wrong (there was nothing wrong with either pregnancy and the second pregnancy was twins); and (c) ummm… there’s no turning back now, is there?! Ha! Honestly, the books scared me more than helped me so I just tried to let go and give it to God. I am so happy to hear that you and baby are doing so great!

  4. No one tells you just how much you’ll worry when you’re pregnant! Ignorance is bliss I think when it comes to knowing too much about what can go wrong.

    PeeWee was born with a significant heart defect, we knew ahead of time, but she threw us a curveball anyway by showing up 8 weeks early anyway. And she’s a dream kid! Healthy and baffling her doctors by that. Sounds so unlikely there’s anything going wrong, try not to worry yourself about that! Worry about how you’re going to tie your shhoes in a few weeks instead 🙂

  5. Please don’t worry! I know — easy to say! It is turly out of your hands and everything will be fine! Although I must say, the worry will never stop. My mom tells me this and she is 72 and her kids have been gone for years! Best of luck from us here in western Massachusetts

  6. Hi Dana.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    I remember not being able to wash my floors. It really bugged me!

    I’m pretty sure it’s normal to be in denial and worried all at the same time. Try to take comfort in the fact that God had far more to do with the creation of this baby than you did, and He’s got it all under control!

    Try hard to sleep now. My youngest in 1 year, 4 months old, and I’m just starting to feel like I’m catching up on sleep!

    God bless you!

  7. The reality will hit the first night you don’t sleep! Please forgive me for not reading your blog of late. It has been out of complete selfishness. I never did have more than one pregnancy and it grieved me so much. It is hard to read of other women’s pregnancies. I really do pass on my joy and congratulations to you, Dana. I pray for you and all your family and the health of your new family member. Praise The Lord!

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