Little Miss Mercy

Some days, she’s just too cute for words.

Even though she barks a lot…

And can be a handful at times…

She’s still the dog who owns out hearts!

She’s not going to win the Obedient Dog of the Year Award. She has weird phobias and barks like crazy at people who smoke or wear large hats and puffy jackets. She’s obsessed with squirrels and waits every morning for the curtains to be opened to look for them. Buries rawhides in laundry piles. Shreds tissues, napkins, and paper towels when left out.

But she’s our little protector, telling our friend’s retriever in no uncertain terms that attempting to steal a hamburger right out of my hand is NOT cool. She knows when one of us doesn’t feel well and will hover around us until we are better. When guests come to our home, she always figures out who needs a little love. She’s always happy to see us and would happily accompany us anywhere. She even tolerates yarn photos and handknit doggie sweaters.

I love having a dog.


6 responses to “Little Miss Mercy

  1. oh how adorable 🙂 I want a yorkie in the worst possible way. Maybe when my youngest starts kindergarten.

  2. They surely are great companions.

  3. Mercy is so adorable, and I’m so glad you are keeping her even after the baby is born. It’s so sad to me that a lot of new moms send their dogs and cats to the shelters when their babies come along. It can be challenging, but there are lots of good ways to help dog or cat and baby adjust to each other, and Mercy is so sweet I’m sure she’ll do fine.

    Your socks look great!

  4. I think Mercy is adorable and I am so glad she doesn’t mind your photos!

    After the birth of my first child I did have to give up my wonderful little Chestnut, the dachsund. He was the greatest dog in the world. But he decided it was his job to attack every person that came into our apartment. I guess he was trying to protect our baby but it was SO sad to give him away!! Now I have my sweet Emma and she is truly the best dog I have EVER had!!! I am afraid she doesn’t like to pose as much as mercy does…no pose-offs for them!!!!

  5. Hi!
    Welcome to Dogs on Thursday!
    You are all signed up.

    Your Yorkie is really adorable!
    Reminds me of my Silky Terrier that passed away in Jan. 2002. She barked a lot too but sure was the best little dog!

  6. I saw your avatar and this blog link on your Ravelry page. Wanted to contact you from there, but didn’t see a button. I just wanted to say Mercy is TOOOOOOOO cute! ;o) She needs a dog sweater eh? Check mine out on my Ravelry page:

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