32 weeks and counting…

Two nights ago I was READY to have this baby. I mean, READY- like take me to the hospital and get this thing OUT! I had completely lost my patience with the nasal congestion, the chronic, neverending awful, unable to breathe through my nose AT ALL congestion. I keep having to wake up in the middle of the night and try to walk around and blow my nose twenty thousand times before I can get back to sleep. Oh, yeah, and brush my teeth in the middle of the night AND when I wake up because I have cotton mouth from breathing through my mouth all night long. I want control over my body again, I want to stop hearing from the Dr. that it’s almost over and then the nasal congestion will go away, I want to be able to run again, shop in regular stores, etc.

And who decided to put the Maternity section at Target next to the Plus Size section???????????????

We googled some stuff and discovered that I wasn’t the only pregnant woman driven to tears, sobs and mass hysteria over sinus sufferings. I also tried some of the suggestions to flush your nose w/ salt water (non-iodinized salt), breathe right strips, and sleeping in a more upright position, propped with pillows. These suggestions sort of worked and I am still alive two days later, and I have not inserted a grenede into my nose, nor driven off a cliff, as much as I wanted to Sunday night. We also remembered that I am allergic to ragweed, which is quite abundant this time of year in our area, and stopped opening the windows to cool the house down and instead used the A/C.

So, I’ve calmed down and am ready to wait for another 8 weeks or less. Technically a baby is full term at 37 weeks, so I could give birth as early as October 9th and all should be okay. Ahhh, the faith needed in waiting and not knowing the future.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. -Phillipians 4:6

You’d think I would have that verse memorized by now!


7 responses to “32 weeks and counting…

  1. I hear you – as do dozens of other women who went through the same thing. That being said, no one can truly understand what you are experiencing in your pregnancy. Here is the comfort I can give you right now – once you have that baby, all the discomfort of the past months are forgotten – the baby makes all of this worthwhile. Keep in mind also – God is a knitter 🙂 after all He is knitting something truly wonderful inside you right now!! Thanks for sharing with us all – you reminded me of many things to be thankful for – after all, my oldest just left for college!!

  2. Like Kat said…you’ll forget about the discomfort (because you’ll be sleep-deprived!). But then you’ll forget about being sleep-deprived. Worrying sucks, being grateful sometimes helps keep the worries at bay… A good rant now and then helps too!

  3. Hang in there! It will be worth it in the end!

  4. The stuffiness will disappear the second the baby is born. I had it too. I really hated the dry mouth and sore throat from breathing through my mouth! Also, I had pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome. My hands were stiff and sore every morning when I work up, towards the end. But seriously, the second my son was born, it vanished, just like the congestion. Oh, and the acid reflux. Gee, this is really a fun walk down memory lane…not! You can bear it. And your baby is going to be precious reward.

  5. Poor Dana. I’ll pray for you. My only idea is to just keep knitting. It wont take away the symptoms but at least you’ll have made something!

  6. (smiling) … I’m praying for you too, Dana. I always try to remember that anything worth doing/having never came easily. It’s always with hard work, devotion and sacrifice. But! The good news is that it’s only temporary and the joy will far outweigh this time very soon.

  7. Oh your pooch is so adorable!
    intresting article.
    I am not sure Elise would want her own room.
    She likes to be anywhere we are and will nap in my chair every chance she can get!

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