Gone to the Dogs

Welcome to my first “Dogs On Thursdays” article! Hope you enjoy!

Do you pamper your pet? I saw this article a few weeks ago in USA today that I thought I would share…

At Home Doggone it, that pooch has a nice pad.

“We coddle them in cashmere and cradle them with down-stuffed beds. So it’s no wonder dog owners are taking the next anthropomorphic step and giving their canine charges their own rooms.

Forget flimsy plywood lean-tos relegated to the outdoors, Snoopy-style. Today, Buster and Buddy get 50-square-foot combination dining/napping/bathing/playing rooms outfitted with the kinds of luxuries a human teenager would envy: cable TVs (tuned to Animal Planet), DVD players (with 101 Dalmatians looped) — and separate exterior entrances…”

It’s a pretty interesting and amusing article, which goes on to describe the thousands of dollars pet owners are spending on their pooches’ homes.

The thing is, while I don’t have a few G lying around to spend on my dog, I’m not completely opposed to the dog room idea if I were to A) Build a house and B) have millions of dollars. A room where Mercy could eat, sleep , and one where I could bath her w/ ease? Why not? I think I would nix the cable tv part though! But seriously, I could deal with a dog room.

At our house, Mercy used to have the guest bathroom/ laundry room as her pad. She hung out there when we would be at work, she had her little toys and potty pad (just in case!), food and water. The problem we ran into was if we had company coming over we had to scurry around and move her stuff. Over this past year we trusted her to not piddle in the house so we let her have the living room/ kitchen/ front hallway. That lasted until I got pregnant, when she started to pee for no reason in the house. We heard a rumor that the pheremones from a pregnant woman can cause female dogs to pee in the house?!?!?! She seems to be better now, but we are still rather cautious about leaving her “free range” throughout the house.

It just so happened that we finished sprucing up our basement as our office/ guest room slowly became the nursery, so there was now a lush carpet for mercy to chill on. We set up her pen down there w/ all her accommodations, and even her little tunnel that she likes to play in.

We don’t really think she does much other than sleep while we are gone, but at least we think she’s comfortable. Even so, a dog room would be cool.

But not before I get my own craft room.

Where do you pets play when you’re not home?



7 responses to “Gone to the Dogs

  1. I don’t have a dog, but I do have three cats. They are cats, so they do whatever they please. Ha!

  2. Welcome to DOT. Cute doggie pic! Love the bow 🙂 Frisky has full use of the 1st floor of our house when we are out, and we let Ole Kitty have the upstairs.

  3. The two dogs are ‘penned’ in one room, about 14×10 or so. When we had one she had that room plus din rm and kit, but with dog#2, they started getting into all sorts of stuff…dish towels (we moved them), but then papers (no place else to move them), so banished to the other rm. We try to keep them off the couch, put the coffee table on the couch during the day. The room is open, high ceilinged, cool in summer, woodstove warm in winter. Plus somebody comes home at lunch to let them out, visit, walk, etc.

  4. No Dog Room??? Your doggie has it made in the shade! What a lucky pup. And he is cute to boot! My “little guy” at 95 pounds goes pretty much anywhere he please when we are gone. His favorite spot is on the couch (covered please to protect it) looking out the window for our return.

  5. Until recently, Emma could not be trusted to be loose in the house while we were away. But now that I started a full time job, and we were both away all day, we let her stay out. She has left a few surprises but seems to be into the hang of it now. She likes to lie on the rug by the sliding door, in a little patch of sunshine. What a life!

  6. A dog room? My cat honey has control over our whole house (although she can’t physically open doors – although she knows how – she reaches up at the door knob and swats it) but she does know how to use the kitty litty tray (or at least next to the kitty litter tray) so I suppose that’s easier.

  7. I used to have doggy day Fridays, but since I havé been ill and home every day, my little Sophie loves me even more! We spend all day together, she chasing me around as I dust or sweep when I am not knitting or blogging!

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