Happy Socktoberfest!

Whoa! I’ve been missing for a few weeks. All is well, just busy with a million things and a little bit of lost knitting mojo. Pregnancy is on week 36 and counting…. my word am I ready to have this baby!!!

Can you believe it is October 1st??? I surely can’t, especially since the baby is due October 30th! Also, today marks the beginning of Socktoberfest. What do you have planned?

I received this lovely skein of Merino sock yarn from SP10 and I have been eyeing it for the Monkey socks that everyone has gone bananas over. I just love those Seabreeze colors!

I also have some left over yarn from my Dublin Bay Socks that I’d like to make into baby socks.

Last year I started but didn’t finish a pair of socks for Socktoberfest and was quite disappointed. I’d like to chill a little on the “need to finish”, especially since I have a few other items in queue that are of time sensitive nature- like I need to knit another baby hat for my baby and some kind of booties for her too! I sure love watching the Socktoberfest Flickr group and watching OTHER people finish socks after socks. It’s like living vicariously through others’ knitting.

I am still working on my Patons Cardigan, making steady progress, and I am now on sleeve island. I had hoped to wear this home from the hospital, but it’s getting down to the wire. I suppose the stockinette would be fairly easy early labor knitting, right? Or am I crazy to think that I could knit during labor? If the early contractions are far enough apart at first… at least I would feel like I’m doing something!!!!

Enjoy the first day of Socktober!


4 responses to “Happy Socktoberfest!

  1. Praying for you,Dana. YOur name is on our fridge! Don’t know about the knit thing starting labor…I was not knitting 27 years ago when I was pregnant!

  2. Hope that you have a good month — the time will go by fast and you’ll be sharing photos of your new daughter before we know it!

  3. Beautiful yarn, the sweater looks good, and so glad all is well!

  4. You’re getting so close! So excited for you. Our new little grandson, Noah, is almost 4 weeks old now and such a little joy. You’re going to love having a baby around. And, yes, if your labor is slow and steady enough, you should be able to knit up a storm. I did a couple of hats last year out of that same yarn you’re using for your sweater. Really pretty!

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