Just a little monkeying around

My first pair of completed socks on sock-knitting-size needles were the Dublin Bay socks (blogged here). They took FOREVER. Maybe there was too much stockinette, too small of needles, I don’t know. It was a struggle to keep pressing on with them, particularly when the leg portion just never seemed to end.

I cast on for a pair of Monkeys on Monday, and by Tuesday night look at what I had accomplished! Almost time for the heel- one more 11 row repeat.

Size 2 needles and a lace pattern repeat definitely made this much easier. The 11 row repeat just became addicting, mesmerizing, and fun.

I have taken a break from the socks to concentrate on finishing up my Patons Cardigan- must complete before labor begins! As soon as I finish the sleeves and get her blocking, I will be back to monkeying around!

This little one has not been monkeying around this week, and I fear it is related to her monthly heartworm preventative medicine. A few months back we switched her from Sentinel, which was a combo heartworm and flea oral medication, to Interceptor (oral heartworm med) and Advantage (topical drops) . I gave her the medicine on Monday, and she was very depressed and lethargic all day and for most of the week. She perked up on her walks, but shortly after returning she was back to her mopey self, just lying in her crate. Today is her best day so far, though she is not 100% yet. Anyone else have trouble with Interceptor? I need to get a refill on it after this month but I’m going to ask the vet if we could try something else. A depressed lethargic dog who is usually so full of pep and spunk is quite sad!

Another place I have been monkeying around is on Ravelry! I finally got in! My SN is MercysMama if you care to visit me there 🙂

Have a great Thursday!


6 responses to “Just a little monkeying around

  1. Pretty Monkey sock!

    I hope Mercy’s feeling herself soon. I haven’t said this out loud in blogdom yet, but next Tuesday I’m flying out to Texas to bring home our own little black Yorkie mix! We can’t wait.

  2. Poor Mercy. I hope she feels better soon. Your sock looks terrific! I’m looking forward to knitting a pair of Monkey socks someday.

  3. Hope your doggie is feeling better. I dont have much experience with heartworm meds. I have 2 dogs (one is a yorkie mix who looks like yours!) and neither are on anything. I use Frontline in the autumn to control ticks but our vet doesn’t support heartworm medication because we do not live near the water. Good luck!!

  4. Poor Mercy! Some of these drugs can be so powerful. I hope you and the vet can find something for her that will return her to her cheery self.

    Monkey looks great, but I hope you can finish your cardigan too!

  5. Poor dog! I hope she is herself again soon.

  6. Oh I hope Mercy feels OK! Really, it is so sad when our doggies don’t feel good!

    I am glad you are on Ravelry. I logged in my stash, and my needles. What I really like though, is looking at projects people have made with yarn I have in stash. To get ideas for knitting it up!

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