Ready to roll

My Patons sweater is blocking. ~Giant sigh of relief~ I forgot how time and space consuming sweater blocking was! I also forgot how stinky wet wool is. I would never want to be on a sheep farm when it’s raining. PHEW! But space-wise, I seriously run out of room on these pieced sweaters. Back to the Monkey Socks today!

Time seems to move quite slowly at the last few weeks of pregnancy, at least for the pregnant woman. I am at 37 weeks as of Tuesday and I am at the “OK I’m done” point! Pregnancy is exciting, as is preparing for the baby, but you reach a certain point where there’s not much else to do to prepare yourself. We’ve done the childbirth classes, we toured the hospital, we’ve read the books, we’ve talked to our friends that are brand new parents and seasoned veterans… now we wait.

The vain side of me is just DYING to have an actual waist, wear normal clothes, and be rid of this hugeness that comes with pregnancy. I want to be able to go running again, eat sushi again, and eat feta cheese.

3 more weeks!


3 responses to “Ready to roll

  1. Maybe you should get a mani or pedi so you will have beautiful hands and/or feet… help you w/ the vanity thing? Mine was two weeks late… so I’d felt ‘done’ for a long time! Trust me, when the baby comes, he or she will be all that is in your mind. You will just be so amazed, it is an incredible journey!

  2. Congratulations on finishing your sweater!

  3. I know a lot of people “oh get your rest while you can” but they don’t think about how uncomfortable being heavily pregnant is! I couldn’t wait to look like a woman again, with a waist, be able to wear fitted clothes, etc.

    My advice- just try to stay distracted! (easier said than done). But get those monkeys going!!! See how fast you can knit them!!

    If you are going to the suburban hospital I went to, they were super nice! My nurse for labor was wonderful. Hope yours is too!!!

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