What’s Cooking

One of my other creative outlets is cooking. I LOVE to cook. Cleaning up the kitchen in the wake of creative chaos is not so much my favorite thing to do, but usually the love of cooking outweighs the housekeeping.

My go-to cooking magazine for the past 3 years has been Cooking Light. I refuse to throw out any back issues, even though I could find the recipes on the Cooking Light website. There’s just something about being able to flip through a magazine, you know? I also enjoy Epicurious.com but CL is my main squeeze.

This month, CL featured a multi-purpose marinara and several recipes that used the marinara throughout the week. Perfecto!

The sauce is currently cooking on my stove, filling the house with a wonderful home-cooking aroma. The recipe is a little bit different than my italian grandmother’s, but it smells good all the same.

I find that I usually eat healthier when I plan out my meals and dinnertime is less chaotic when I have a plan. Two things that I will be making this week from the marinara are:

Tomato, Basil & Fresh Mozzarella Pizza on whole wheat dough- quick meal for us prior to our last childbirth class!

Baked Ziti Casserole (from this month’s CL)- for our Friday Night dinner guests

Marinara is great on the budget, with the main ingredient of crushed tomatoes available for under a dollar a can. All of the other ingredients are staples that we always have in the house: cooking onions, garlic, olive oil, spices, sugar, etc. Marinara also doesn’t take very long to make- maybe an hour at the most, as opposed to the all day affair that meat sauce can be. It keeps well in the freezer for up to four months and is a great thing to have on hand for a last second meal.

My “nesting” has been primarily cooking over the past month. I have stocked our deep freezer with all sorts of soups and stews, many of them being of the South Beach variety for my post-partum meal plan. BUT I also managed to throw in an apple pie and a peach pie that I’ll be baking for Thanksgiving. πŸ™‚


6 responses to “What’s Cooking

  1. That’s great you have planned ahead with all that cooking. You are going to be really glad you did that after the baby comes. πŸ™‚

  2. I agree – we eat healthier when I plan out a menu, too. We tried a crockpot beef burrito recipe tonight that was delicious! It makes enough that you could freeze some for later, too. If you want to try it, the link is on my blog.

  3. I agree that you will be so glad you stocked your freezer! Some days you will just want to grab something good from the freezer instead of cooking- so much more healthy than takeout!!

  4. You are so smart to fill up the freezer. I have done that as a baby gift for some of my close friends, taken over about 3 frozen casseroles with instructions for cooking on them. I did that a little for myself before AJ was born, but I left a lot for last minute, and then she came 4 weeks early. So that procrastination really bit me. But, she was my second, and it was a lot easier to adjust with her, so I was able to cook some and not feel totally overwhelmed. Anyway, good job! And, can you share some of the South Beach recipes?

    I have three huge binders full of Cooking Light mags, btw. Love it.

  5. I agree, there is just something about flipping though a magazine and looking at all the great photos. That is really great that you have been stocking the freezer. It sounds like you are just about ready for the baby! I am really excited for you and can’t wait to see the new little one.

  6. I’m really excited for you and your husband! It’s a great idea to have some things in the freezer that you can just get out for supper and not have to worry about. Good for you! The only thing I’m wondering now is whether or not you made enough for me to come over for a visit. πŸ˜‰

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