Project forecasts

The Basic Marinara meals were a hit this week. My only suggestion for those trying the Baked Ziti Casserole would be to use an additional cup of sauce to pour over individual servings. I’m an extra sauce kind of girl and a little more lycopene won’t hurt ya! Plus the extra sauce makes the meal look prettier on your plate.

One of the suggestions from the magazine was to freeze the marinara in smaller portions of a cup or two. Why hadn’t I ever thought of that? Now I can pop out a cup and make pizza or stew without having to use up the entire batch, or worse, tossing what I didn’t use.

I’m weaving in my ends of my Patons cardigan and attaching the buttons this morning. The photo shoot is scheduled for tomorrow, as my dear husband has taken the camera out on his bow-hunting expedition today.

I picked up the fall issue of Interweave Knits earlier this week and found several great projects that I putting into my Ravelry Queue.

This yarn is Sirdar Hug, slated for the Nomad Hat and Scarf set, a Christmas knitting gift.

I also really like the tilted duster

…but the queue is starting to get out of control!!!! I have really been enjoying Ravelry and would like to be disciplined enough to actually log all of my goods and projects.

Now onto finishing the cardigan… see you tomorrow!


3 responses to “Project forecasts

  1. Nice looking eats! How are you feeling, Dana? Be sure to be good to yourself and your husband and baby.

  2. Just a thought: You might have to change your url after you give birth. I don’t want my niece thinking her mother is more proud of making the down payment on a yorkie then going through nine months of pregnancy and a…well, I’ll be nice…half hour of labor to give birth to a bundle of joy such as Madeline.

    Now, I say Madeline as a guess…but I just want to let you know that that would be a wonderful selection. I could call her my little Maddy. When I take her to the zoo I could just imagine myself saying, “No, little Maddy, that goat crap is not for consumption,” or “Little Maddy, get out of the tiger habitat before you get hurt. Your mother will have my head!,” or “Little Maddy, if you don’t stop crying, I am going to feed you to the polar bears.”

    I am totally going to be her favorite Uncle.

  3. Oh, I feel the same way about my Ravelry queue. The bad thing is that I also start new projects that aren’t even in my queue! 🙂

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