Casting Off, Casting On

Patons Cardigan with Straight Sleeves


Patons Next Steps 3


Yarn: Patons Shetland Chunky Tweed, colorway Earthy Brown


Needles size 9 & 10

I knit this to wear for the end of my pregnancy and for the months thereafter. I like it alot- the shape, color, and especially the wooden buttons that I scored for 10 cents apiece! Sadly, I think that after the baby is born this cardigan will be much, much too large. I am contemplating gifting this to my grandma for Christmas. The question now is, should I wear it for a little while first before giving it away? Or is that faux paus?

As of the 15th, I completed Monkey Sock #1- and have yet to cast on for #2. Maybe, just maybe, I will have a pair of Monkeys before the end of Socktoberfest.

After casting off the ribbing on my Patons sweater and fastening the buttons, I couldn’t help but cast on for a two more projects:

The Hourglass Sweater


The Seamless Yoked Baby Sweater. It’s a free pattern from Knitting on the Net, and it’s seamless! Not that seaming a baby sweater is as much work as an adult sweater, but still, it’s nice to know that there is little finishing required on this one.

There SHOULD be little finishing required on this baby in my belly, seeing as how we are 13 days away from our due date. However, there are NO signs of her coming early, as much as I have been hoping. I have been walking and walking and walking, with no “activity” according to the physician.

My cousin’s wife went into labor 14 days early with both of her children, within 24- 36 hours after eating Olive Garden’s eggplant parmesean. Keith and I dutifully went to Olive Garden on Sunday, and the legendary time came and went. I was hoping SO bad! I told myself that because I saw a rainbow in the sky labor was going to happen! Ah, well. All babies are eventually born. I just hope that I won’t have to be induced.

I am ready for this baby belly to be gone- it’s a magnet for stains. Seriously, I probably won’t be able to wear much of my maternity clothes ever again or give them to anyone because I keep getting stuff on them. My belly is like a target, just waiting for crumbs, splashes, or any other kind of stain. What was worse yesterday- a bird pooped on me! I was walking with Mercy down the main street in our town, wearing a black top and pants, when suddenly a bird pooped on me and the debris landed smack dab in the middle of my belly. On a black shirt! In front of Starbucks during the evening rush hour no less!!!!!!!!!!! I’m told that this is good luck, but I beg to differ!


6 responses to “Casting Off, Casting On

  1. I’m not sure why bird poop would be good luck. Strange! 🙂 Your sweater and sock look terrific!

  2. I think it’s probably fine for you to wear the sweater- your grandma might like that connection to this time in your life! And it’s terrific to get to the end of the seamless baby sweater and just have to weave in a couple of ends and sew on buttons. When I finished mine, I couldn’t believe it was really over!

  3. If you were gifting the sweater to someone you aren’t so close to, I wouldn’t wear it. But of course your Grandma isn’t going to mind!!!

    I think you will love the hourglass. I love mine but it is sort of gappy at the neckline. I think I am going to have to rip it back and fix it so I can wear it without constantly tugging it up!

    And don’t worry too much about being induced. I know that people seem to always have horror stories but I was induced for both of mine and it went well- 8 hour labors, each time!

  4. Wow! That sock looks amazing. I’m quite impressed with how the yarn knit up. I’ll have to buy some for myself now.

    I hope the waiting isn’t too stressful and difficult for you!

  5. I think you can wear your sweater, and Grandma will love that you did, and then shared it with her. It’s really lovely, Dana…sorry about the fit. And, it’s good to see you found a pattern for the white baby sweater! It’s really cute.

  6. Your sock looks so fab, Dana! Good for you! I am adding you to my prayer list on line that I initiated from my church today. Happy and peaceful labor. Let me know.

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