Dogs on Thursday- the missing bag

Mercy loves walks- don’t most dogs? As my pregnancy has progressed, I have been taking longer walks since I haven’t been able to go to the gym, making Mercy the happiest camper around.

This time of year is one of her favorites because the squirrels are going crazy trying to store up nuts for the winter, and she LOVES to chase them.

On our walk yesterday, I was having a tough time holding on to zee-pooper-bags. I had them in my pocket, but my workout pants fit really wierd right now, having to wear them super low on my waist because of my enormous preggo belly. The bags kept falling out of my pocket. I caught them a few times, but lo and behold, when Mercy decided that it was “time”, the bags were gone. Even though we had seen virtually no people on our walk, as soon as I found myself in this predicament, there were people, just waiting to see if I would pick it up or leave it for some poor soul to step in.

UGH! What to do! Fortunately I was about 200 yards away from a bike path entrance where they have a “Doggie Depot” spot. I hoofed it over there and grabbed a couple bags, tying the extra ones to the leash. Really, I’m a responsible dog owner, I promise!

For something so small, she sure causes a ruckus sometimes.


8 responses to “Dogs on Thursday- the missing bag

  1. Ah Mercy – what a cutie. We’re still waiting for Layla’s hair to get long enough for a bow…. but she is quite the tomboy, so I’m not sure she’s the “bow type.” She’s also not much for walking on a leash yet, but she’s only 9 wks, so we’ll give her time :o)

  2. Mercy’s sweaters are so sweet! Have you considered a pouch to hold the poop bags? Maybe something over the shoulder? Belt-like? Do you have a jog stroller for when the baby comes? I took a lot of walks when kiddo was super tiny with him in a baby carrier-even out into a big snowstorm. People made some faces, but he was snug and warm (I mean, in his own winter wear and under my down coat) and happy.

  3. Mercy is so cute in her sweaters! I know that you must be feeling so uncomfortable by now, so I hope for your sake that the baby is born soon! You and Mercy will enjoy taking her for walks.

  4. Love the doggie coat but I bet Mercy would be a lot happier not to have an elastic pulling at her fur. This always makes me feel bad, when I see elastics and other ‘ornaments’ that people put in their pet’s fur. What a beautiful little dog!

  5. We had that happen with Moses a few weeks ago! And, not a bag in sight. We had to improvise by grabbing a couple of soda cups from the trash! Needles to say, of course there were people watching! It was good to see you today, Dana.

  6. Your dog is so cute (I’ve said that before, right??) Anyway, I understand your poop-walk woes. my dog always goes, even if he doesn’t really have to, just to make sure I’ll pick it up.

    Hang in there until the baby comes!

  7. What a sweet face Mercy has!
    I love her little knitted sweaters

  8. Did you knit those doggy sweaters? They are sooooo cute!

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