Marathons of different sorts…

This is what I was looking at a year ago today before the sun rose in San Francisco:

The Nike Women’s Marathon, my first marathon, blogged here. It is so incredibly hard to believe that just a year ago, I was ahem-pounds lighter than I am now, primed and ready to run 26.2 miles. Training for and running that marathon was so awesome- I truly hope that I can do it again someday. SOON.

Now I am as primed and ready for a different kind of marathon, labor & delivery, then parenthood, though I definitely DO NOT feel physically in shape for it! At 39 weeks pregnant, with one week to go (we hope no longer!) I am huge, move awkwardly, and definitely cannot run very far at all. After my last dr.’s appointment, at which I was dilated “a fingertip” (not even 1 cm), I was determined to make my water break (which obviously didn’t work). I ran the first 4/10ths of a mile of my walk with Mercy. Let me tell you, that was the MOST difficult four tenths of a mile I have ever run in my life- my legs were just feeling so wrong, so taxed, so overworked from carrying all that extra weight. Needless to say I will not be trying that again prior to having the baby! I am a little nervous now about the hill I have to climb in regaining fitness, considering how difficult that little run felt.

I’m just desperately waiting for this baby to come… one week to go, one week to go… I keep praying that I will go early!!!


3 responses to “Marathons of different sorts…

  1. I’m so excited for you. Everytime you post I’m hoping for labor news, or baby news!.

    All three if my kids were 3 days early. How weird is that! ? (and, may be the last time they all agreed on anything!)

  2. Relax, you’ll be fine! My SIL took a long walk on the beach and that put her into labor (she had very quick labors with both her girls). I’ve heard that certain exercises might put you there… like straddle stretches. Or try to do that while pushing your legs against the wall. Or try to lift something heavy (using proper technique of course). I was 2 weeks late…and then induced, but you know, it was all so worth it. Relax, you’ll be fine. Babies come when they’re ready, right?

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