Run, don’t walk

All you seamstresses out there, RUN, don’t walk, to your local Joann’s! Simplicity and McCall’s Patterns are 99¢ each!

Clockwise from left:

– Sewing Room Essentials-McCall’s M5348I’m dreaming about my someday craftroom… I have to figure out a theme… vintage? Modern?

– Fashionista Aprons- Simplicity 3752Might as well look sexy in the kitchen, right?

– Semi-Vintage Aprons- McCall’s 2947I thought these were cute, maybe not as risky as the fashionista ones… but still fun.

– Knitting Bags- McCall’s M5283Have I ever mentioned that I REALLY NEED a knitting bag? I like the vintage look of the wooden handled one.

– Poodle Skirts- Simplicity 5403My husband and I love the 50’s look, so I figured next year for Halloween we could be the 50’s family.

– Animal Rag Quilt- Simplicity 4993I’ve never made a rag quilt before, but these look fairly straightforward and will make great baby gifts for our expectant friends. Of course I’ll do a test one for our baby!

I scored these great patterns for my 2008 project lineup- because I will have so much time once the baby is born. You’ll notice the absence of garments (with the exception of the poodle skirts) as I am not too confident in my garment-sewing skills. I’d like to take a tailored garment class at Joann’s next year before jumping into that sort of sewing.

Now I get to shop for fabrics!

Mercy seems to always find her way into the laundry basket when I bring it up to fold clothes in the living room. Too bad we haven’t figured out how to train her to fold it! I’m working on another pet bed for the living room so maybe she won’t get into the laundry all the time.


5 responses to “Run, don’t walk

  1. Mercy is adorable in the laundry basket.
    That is what my cats do all the time when sit the warm basket of clothes from the dryer on the chair to fold.

    Todays Halloween Dogs on Thursday Post will be up soon.

  2. Do you really think you will have sewing time once baby is born? Hasn’t anyone told you that you barely have time to shower! Well, good luck, maybe you will manage it. Mercy is so cute in the basket, and I want to wish you the best on the upcoming special day. Take care and rest up.

  3. What a precious pup!

  4. My kitties love laundry baskets too. They completely ignore the kitty beds I have scattered around the house….

  5. Mercy looks pretty confortable in the laundry basket~I’m sure my Sophie would love to do that too!!
    Planning ahead for new projects is such fun! I missed the pattern sale~~probably just as well!
    Good luck on the big day!

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