Nesting Sewing

Does sewing count as nesting? I thought after finishing this “final” project I would go into labor for sure, and yet here I am two days later…

On Saturday I suddenly realized that the diaper bag we had was a little large for the hospital trip and that I wanted a fun bag as well. A few hours later and voila! Nappy Bag Part Tres.

Fabric/ Lining/ Interfacing-

The patterns calls for canvas to be used as an interfacing in between the light to midweight cotton lining and exterior. I happened to have these two matching home dec weight fabrics on hand so I nixed the canvas in between the lining and exterior.

I also nixed the interfacing on the pockets since I used a home dec weight fabric and they seem just fine. Horray for no interfacing- makes sewing go by much faster plus no broken needles!

I made 2 pockets on each side instead of 3, as I have found that I don’t use the mini-pockets in my other nappy bag.

I also made only 1 “bottle pocket” located on the opposite side of the cell pocket. I am not planning on bottle feeding my baby and even if I were to do so, I would throw a little fridge pack bag into the main compartment, not have milk in a bottle in the unlined/ uninsulated pocket. SO, I call the bottle pocket the “mommy H20 pocket.”

Key ring loop- I can never find my keys in any purse/ bag I own, so I added a key loop to hook them on.

Wait! There’s more:

I also made the matching changing pad and case to go along with the bag for the first time. I opted for flannel as the top instead of terry cloth simply because 1- it was what I had on hand and 2- I didn’t want to spend 5.99 a yard for terry cloth, especially considering this will most likely be, umm, soiled at some point.

I’m really happy with the way the whole project turned out, personalized to my tastes and needs. My husband is a little wary of the feminineness of the diaper bag. I think he’s afraid that he will be stuck carrying it… and to confirm his fears we ran into some friends at church who have a 7 month old daughter. Sure enough, the daddy was carrying the super cute brown and blue quilted diaper bag and mom had the baby. Not exactly what he wanted to see!

So now we are double and triple packed for the trip to the hospital that feels like it will never come. The new diaper bag has this cute little hat in it:

And the snacks that I have packed for Keith have had to be replenished at least 3 times. Because, hey, if you are hungry and there’s nothing in the pantry, there are plenty of snacks in the hospital bag.

So off I go to scrub my floors and baseboards, drink raspberry tea, do jumping jacks, and take Mercy on yet ANOTHER walk today until we both look like this:

… because you know my grandma told me all those old wives tales and this pregnant momma is desperate!


7 responses to “Nesting Sewing

  1. Wow! That bag looks great. Tell your dh that at least it isn’t pastel and pink and blue. Any chance you can flip it out and put the stripes on the outside? Satisfy his manly aesthetic? We always had a bunch of cotton diapers to slide under for changing. And for burp cloths. I think I still have one I use as a rag! So, even if you’re not using cloth diapers (or even if you are) go get some of them that are big rectangles and thicker in the middle third, you’ll find lots of uses for them.

  2. That is one of my favorite Amy Butler patterns and I don’t even need it as a diaper bag–just a cute bag! Turned out great!

  3. super cute bag! Baby is just waiting till you really, really want an appearance! Just to be sure….

  4. Love the bag and matching changing cloth. Good luck with your labor inducing techniques…hope the baby listens!

  5. When you have that sweet little girl in your arms, Keith will be willing to carry anything for you! Great bag!

  6. I love that fabric you used! Cute bag and changing mat! Cute hat too! Oh how I know what you are going through!

  7. Love it! Where can I find the pattern? Thanks

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