Attack of the Cankles

Cankels- A derogatory slang term for fat ankles, where it is hard to tell where the ankle starts and the calf ends.

Like being overdue isn’t rough enough. Now I’ve got to retain water in my ankles.

So, my friends, due to this unforseen sneak attack of the evil cankles, I can only show you my finished Monkey Socks on sock blockers, and not my feet. I wouldn’t want to give you nightmares!

The specs:


Pattern: Monkey Socks


Yarn: Merino 4 Ply from The Knittery


Needles: Size 2 DPNs


Started October 1, 2007


Finished November 2, 2007

I am officially into making socks now. This pattern was alot of fun and knit up rather quickly (even considering my side projects). The 11 row lace pattern repeat keeps your interest and before you know it, time to turn the heel!

I’m not quite sure what socks I will make next, I have a few in mind (Tyrolean Stockings from IK and I really want a Nancy Bush book) but none that I currently have yarn for. I will most likely try to clear up a few WIPS and work on my stash until after Christmas, that is if I have any time to knit IF this child is ever born… and right now I feel like I will be pregnant forever….


9 responses to “Attack of the Cankles

  1. The child will be born and you won’t be pregnant forever! My SIL had some water retention issues, esp. right before labor… so maybe it’ll happen soon!

  2. Goodness, your ticker down here says you’re 40 weeks and 4 days! Whew. I don’t blame you for being ready, Freddy. Every time I see you have a post in bloglines, I hope it’s a baby announcement. You’re bound to have it one of these days. No one ever stayed pregnant forever. =0)

    The socks are beautiful, love the yarn colorway with the pattern!

  3. I thought I would click onto a picture of you holding your lovely newborn! Our church has been praying for you! And it is true, no one stays pregnant forever. Just feels that way. Best to all of you!

  4. Are you getting the 30 phone calls a day asking if you are in labor/had the baby, etc.? I began to tell people I had changed my mind, and I wasn’t going to have a baby.

    My feet/ankles were so swollen that I had to wear my husband’s shoes to the hospital! His foot was at least 2-3 sizes larger than mine, but nothing I had would fit and it was winter. Now there is nothing that says “get this baby outta me” like a pregnant woman waddling into the hospital wearing her husband’s shoes.

    Here’s hoping you go into labor soon.

  5. Your socks turned out gorgeous!

  6. I haven’t popped in to visit you for awhile and was sure there would be a new baby at your house. So sorry you’re still waiting! Your socks turned out devine. Good luck to you. That baby HAS to come soon!

  7. Nice socks!! Hope the baby arrives soon! I so know how you feel! šŸ™‚

  8. Very nice! Oh the joys of pregnancy…

  9. Hang in there! I saw my 37 week preggo friend this weekend and she has swollen hands and feet. Hope that baby comes soon šŸ™‚

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