Things to do when you are overdue

The following is a compilation of my own thoughts and points I read on carious pregnancy sites for those of us who go past our due dates:

What do you do when you are past your due date?

1- Utilize your caller id and voicemail– answer and return the calls that YOU want to. Your nosy neighbor doesn’t need to know the effacement of your cervix and you DON’T need to hear everyone’s “fail proof” inducement methods. It’s also annoying when every conversation goes like this:

“Did you have the baby yet?”

“No.” DUH.

“Ooohhhh,” they say, dripping with disappointment.

“Sorry,” you say, like you could really do anything different!!!

* for some reason email and texts are not bothersome…… 

2- Go ahead, have a pity party- but don’t let it last more than a few hours! There will be a time when you WISH that baby was still in your belly and not screaming bloody murder at 3 am (or so I am told).

3- Make plans- and do something fun! Go out with your husband on a date (every meal could be the “last supper”!). Get a pedicure. Meet a friend for coffee.

4- Enjoy your spouse in a biblical way! – hmmm apparently what got you INTO this pregnancy can get you OUT! Or at least have fun trying.

5- Walk alot- I walked a ton with my dog during my pregnancy and I tried to keep a positive mindset on every walk after my due date. Every walk could be the last one with my dog (at least for a little while).

6- Don’t let your doctor induce you for non-medical reasons unless you are OK with that. When my doctor’s office called me w/ the time of my inducement, I was like Ummm no thanks. Just because your Blackberry is buzzing that I am a few days overdue does not mean hook me up to an IV of pitocin immediately. Give me a week at least!!!

7- Spend some time doing something that you really like to do but never have the time for– like spend the afternoon knitting and watching tv. Or read a whole novel in a day. I don’t think you get that kind of free time again until you are like 75 or something.
8- Cook some meals to freeze for after the baby is born.

9- Find a babysitter to watch your little one so you and your husband can go out for dinner after the baby is born. Make a big production of your first date as parents!!! Who cares if it’s only to the little diner down the street w/ a buy one get one coupon? It’s an accomplishment to get out of the house and an important step to keep your marriage strong after the baby bomb hits.

10- Remember that ALL babies are eventually born. Your due date is an approximation, I think the only “precise” due date can be accomplished through IVF. Your doctors could be off by a week, your counting could be off by a few days, your baby might not be ready to be born yet.

As for me, I am trying to stay positive, even though I am getting incredibly frustrated. We had a bout of false labor or prelabor yesterday- seriously thought it was the real thing! Contractions were fairly regular for about 4-5 hours in the morning, then they fizzled out in the afternoon. My husband stayed home with me yesterday because we thought that it was THE day, but alas, we were wrong.

Maybe next post will be a baby one… or maybe on my hourglass sweater progress and vintage knitting bag…


8 responses to “Things to do when you are overdue

  1. Hee, I like #4 and #7, self indulgent type that I am. And, true, all baby’s are born eventually :o) Later on down the line the advice is “very few kids go to kindergarten in diapers….”, or with their pacifier, etc ,etc.

  2. I’m with Lynda – 4 & 7 are my favorite! Hey at least your having fun with it. And years from now, you’ll have a wonderful funny story to tell you child about how they were late to their own birthday! LOL

    Good for you for telling the Dr. no thanks on the inducement. I know too many women who talk about being induced from the time of conception until birth. I say let Nature take it’s course. 😉 Oh and supposedly #4 really does work. 😀

  3. If you want to do coffee or a pedicure, I’m your girl! Because of my vast knowledge of birth’in babies I am going to pass on giving you any advice other than – knit while you can!!

  4. I am against your perverted friends…4=DISTURBING!


  5. I remember when my daughter was to be born. I knew because she was induced, due to the fact that I had and still have high blood pressure. My then husband and I did #4 and were so happy we did. It was mostly to soothe ourselves over the fact that our baby was coming in three days and John Lennon had just lost his life. A really great contrast to what was swirling around us, but what also ultimately comforted us. Dana, do what pleases you now. You are going to be so busy so soon! And then, before you know it, you’ll have some time back! It all comes back around because the Lord always is good even in the not so good of times, even in the trials. Love your husband and your baby, it will just be ok!

  6. How overdue are you? Doesn’t seem like much. Yes indeed, give it at least a week, or even two (I went 2 extra). At that point the gel was enough to set it all in motion. Being the sciency geek, I wanted to see the placenta afterwards. It was presented in a steel bowl that was the exact same shape and size of the dog’s dish! The midwife showed me the white dots, which =calcification and placenta no longer working as it should=it was time to get that baby out! You will be fine. Your baby will be great. Do those things 1-10 that make you happy. Don’t fret about the others.

  7. It really will be OK! You will be posting first photos here before you know it. And I bet Mercy will sense something, a scent maybe, that will let you know it’s time. Animals do have a sense about these things too and she will give you comfort.

  8. Dana, the comment above is really from me. Didn’t realize my husband’s blog address filled in there by mistake!

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