Shaken, not stirred, for the yorkie…

This is Mercy’s food bowl.

Ghetto, I know.

However, it was a last resort this summer when ants invaded our kitchen. For some reason, ants won’t climb up and under the lip on this plastic bowl to get to Mercy’s food. I was SO grossed out by the ants- simply horrified! I guess if you have one ant that finds your dogs food, unprotected, that little ant will tell his entire family tree. So all my dog loving friends, if ants find their way into your puppy’s bowl, try using a plastic container with a lip. it worked for us.

After switching to the plastic ghetto bowl, Mercy was unable to dig inside of her bowls before eating. Weird, I know, but it was part of her routine- dig, dig, dig, remove one piece of food, run to the living room, toss said piece of kibble on the floor and roll around on it before deeming it safe for consumption.

NOW, Mercy will paw at the sides of her bowl and cry. It took a while, but we finally figured out that if we shook her food around, she would start her dining routine.

Stirring her food doesn’t work. It must be shaken.

Are all yorkies this wierd?

Mercy’s midmorning nap interrupted…

So what have I been up to while waiting for labor?

I have started making some handmade Christmas gifts like this tissue holder. The Sew Mama Sew Blog has an entire month of handmade gift ideas… and sewing gifts is a wee bit faster than knitting them, no? They have links to free tutorials at various reader’s blogs. Check it out!

What I really like about the tissue holder idea is that you only need a 6 x 7 piece of fabric for the exterior- which totally lets you use up some of your scrap stash. Plus, what woman hasn’t been a position where she wished she had tissues in her bag?

I’ve also been working on my hourglass…

I have about 9 or 10 inches of the body done… I wish I could try it on to see how it would fit- but I will have to wait on that. Until then I am comparing it to some of my favorite sweaters that I own.

Maybe a baby post next time…. I hope…


21 responses to “Shaken, not stirred, for the yorkie…

  1. That’s a crazy food routine. Maybe it has to be thoroughly killed first? 🙂

  2. Too funny!!!
    Love the tissue holder.

  3. All our 4 legged “kids” have seriously strange habits. They are just as eccentric as we are. I love the color of the sweater.

  4. Miss Groggy-Face. Very Cute.

  5. What a fun post and blog too! I’m glad I stopped by. Good luck with the ants and the sewing as well – -looks like a blast (esp. love that tissue holder)! *jumping for joy*

  6. Great idea for the bowl. Last summer I was plagued by ants.

    I don’t thinks Yorkies have wierd behavior. My Chihuahua Jonesy will take one piece of kibble, run to the couch and eat it there. Then he will run back and get one more piece of kibble. When he is halfway finished, he will go to his bowl and look straight at me. He will look at me as long as I will allow him to. If I start to talk to him, he starts eating again, one piece at a time on the couch.

  7. Come on out, baby! Come ON! Let’s get with it already! =)

  8. And having nothing to do with anything, I think the word kibble is the funniest word.

  9. I was sitting here thinking…hey…I’ve got stitch markers like that…and then I remembered why…Make sure you show us the finished projects when they’re done!

  10. Baby, hurry up!
    Mercy is so sweet looking. I love the story. And the dish is tres chic-n’est pas ? My big goofy dog pushes his bowl until it reaches a corner and then continues to bang it until satistfied. Then he starts to eat. Weird!

  11. Darling pic of Mercy with her tossled just so! Does she use product?

    Sounds like she’s a gourmet and knows exactly what it takes to enjoy her meal!


  12. More importantly: are all Yorkies that cute? She is something else! I see she likes to chew that dish?

  13. Oh, Dana — I hope you are not so late like my mom was with my sister, 11 days. Come on baby girl, we want to meet you!!

    Mercy is adorable as always. I’m glad you’ve all figured out a way for her to eat comfortably!

  14. C an’t wait to hear the update!

  15. Ewww! Ants! We had them last summer. Big black gross ones. Finally bought Raid Crawling insect spray and sprayed down the crack between the baseboards and the floor. Very carefully so the kitties wouldn’t walk on it and ingest some by accident. Also did all the gaps in the stairwell byt he kitchen. worked! Yippee!

  16. It’s because she’s a TERRIER! I’ve been thinking about you, my son’s birthday was yesterday (the 10th), and I wondered if you would have your baby on that day.

  17. I’m behind on my blog reading again and I’ve missed so much on your blog! Your projects all look great – I just love that paisley bag. And it’s really hard to believe that the marathon was a year ago already.

  18. Frisky has to eat his kibbles one at a time too – and they must be taken individually to the living room. He doesn’t shake them though, that’s new. This must just be generic little-dog weirdness, yes?

  19. Still thinking of you….

  20. Aren’t dogs funny about things like that?

    Hmm. No post from you in a while. Is there a baby here??

  21. My Shish Tzu does the very same thing your Yorkie does. How odd lol

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