This was an incredible weekend for us!

Keith and I went snowboarding on Saturday, leaving our wee one with her Grandma. They had a great time and she took her bottles really well. (Dr. Browns bottles worked for us!). I was face-down in the snow quite a bit, as we hadn’t gone boarding in 2 years, but I thoroughly enjoyed using my new board. We’ll be going every Saturday through the end of February with a group of friends. Most of the group is made up of families- we are one of two couples that did not bring their children.

When we got home, my mom and grandma had done ALL of our laundry and taken the Mercy for a walk. I also got some sympathy from my mom, who realized that my baby doesn’t take extended naps yet, just catnaps. “You must be so exhausted! No wonder you hardly get anything done!” Finally! Some respect!

With all the laundry done and the dog already walked, I was able to finish the baby’s earflap hat:

And I liked the pattern so much that I made two, one for our little girl and one for our friend’s baby.

They are Kim’s Hats from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I used Knitpicks Sierra yarn from my stash and size 9 dpns. My only concern is itchy-ness, as the yarn is wool and alpaca. I have not had much success in lining it with fleece- I tried, but it wouldn’t stretch enough. Any ideas?

I also made some pumpkin cookies!

These are the easiest cookies to make- just mix a 15 oz can with a box of cake mix and bake for 10-12 minutes at the temperature on the cake box (usually it’s 350 degrees). They are really gooey and you don’t have to worry about them being undercooked because there aren’t any eggs! I also hear that they are one or two weight-watcher points. These cookies are so addicting I made Keith take the rest to work today so I didn’t eat them all.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend!


4 responses to “

  1. That sounds like a great cookie recipe. I may make some for my daughter’s robotics team.

    Cute hats! Would the fleece be stretchy enough if you cut in on the bias?

  2. Hmm. Not sure about the fleece lining – what about buying or sewing a hat of the same size and just slip stitching it inside the knit one?

  3. Those hats are precious! I just checked that book out of the library – I’ll have to look that pattern up.

  4. Happy New Year! I’m so glad you have a little me time to knit, though you must be exhausted. It must have been so nice to have your mom to give you a little break.

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