It’s in the bag!

I have a new knitting bag… and love it!

I used McCalls Pattern 5283 with a few minor modifications, namely getting rid of the zipper pocket. I didn’t have the right size zipper on hand nor enough fabric in my stash, so I went without! I purchased the wooden handles from, as they are only available online, and BEWARE- there is only ONE handle per package! I didn’t realize that until I received a package with only one.

In my new knitting bag would be my Hourglass Sweater, waiting for sleeves. I made the length of the lower body about 2 inches longer than the pattern suggested due to my new, ahem, post-pregnancy measurements. I knit the body on size 6 Addis but don’t have a 12 inch size 6 Addis for the sleeves…. do you think that a Denise circular would work or would that mess up my gauge?

Also in the bag is Sweet Pea’s Cabled Coat. I’m about 6 1/2 inches on the back and have learned how to cable without a cable needle! Not having to worry about a cable needle definitely makes things move along a bit faster.

After a warm spell, the ski country finally got some snow. Saturday we will be off to hit the slopes while Sweet Pea and Mercy spend some time with their Grandma. And we’re still praying that Sweet Pea will take her bottles like a champ!!!!

Hope you have a great weekend!


9 responses to “It’s in the bag!

  1. What a great bag! Love the color and pattern. What were they thinking, one handle? Have you done a swatch with the Denise’s? The purple cabled coat looks great, congrats on doing the cables w/o a cable needle!

  2. Love that cabled coat, it’s a great shade too. Can’t wait to see the FO 🙂 The first time I left my younger son with Nana and Grampy he screamed like a champ for nearly four hours. My mom finally called and said I’d better come. By the time I got there he’d fallen asleep, and when I woke up he shunned me in favor of Nana lol. Boy, did I enjoy those 4 hours, though 🙂

  3. Ooo! That bag is adorable!!!!

    Is it big enough to stuff an illegal immigrant inside? If so, then it’s really adorable!
    ; )

  4. The bag is so nice! I may have to pick up that pattern, thanks for the heads up about the handles. I agree with Lisa, do a gauge swatch and see. I knit pretty consistantly with most needles….maybe you will too!

  5. Cute bag! I agree about the swatch. I’ve had trouble switching between needles without the gauge being messed up.

  6. cute bag and I agree, what are they thinking selling the handles separately??

    Also for the sleeves, you might want to try magic loop. There are tutorials on the web and it really isn’t hard!

  7. Great bag. And I love the lilac. It’s a beautiful colour.

  8. Great bag! I can’t wait to see the Cabled coat. That’s such a pretty color!

  9. Very nice cables…I’m sure the finished product will be adorable!

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