Pregnancy wrap up

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally have gathered my thoughts and would like to share…

First things first. My Top Five Things I couldn’t do without during labor:

1- Goody No-Slip Hairband- because hair in my face drives me crazy.

2-Support- My support team was headed up by my husband, Keith, who was there encouraging me the entire time, never leaving my side. We also had awesome Christian doulas who gave us childbirth classes and accompanied us in the delivery room. They helped us A LOT.

3- A sense of humor. We had fun during labor. When it stopped being fun, and Keith’s jokes weren’t so funny, we knew that the birth of our daughter was very near.

4- Focus Cards- We used Bible verses as our focus points and cut out pictures from magazines to go with them. Here are a few:

5- Our faith in Christ. I’m not a super preachy blogger, but my faith as Christian is what sustains me on a daily basis and it was my belief in Him who created me, who created our child, that helped me during childbirth.

And now the details…

As most of my readers know, I was due October 30th, and our baby was born November 10th. ELEVEN DAYS LATER. Eleven very long days. One of those days, November 6th, I had false labor for 12 hours, brought on by castor oil. Don’t ever do the castor oil thing- no matter how many grandmothers tell you to try! It is not a pleasant experience!! The day AFTER the false labor ordeal I found myself quite discouraged. Keith took me to the theatre that night to cheer me up. We saw Camelot.

Early Saturday morning my water broke at 3 am. We almost immediately called our doulas (birth coaches), who instructed us to try and get some rest and to start timing contractions. We were to check in with them every hour.

I suddenly remembered that I left clothes in the washing machine overnight so I ran them again at 3:15 am. A very odd choice, I know. I never realized how loud the washing machine was until then.

Keith kept track of those early contractions with a stopwatch and I eventually ended up in the living room for an hour and a half so he could get some rest. I timed those contractions with Contraction Master, a cool online timing tool. All you have to do is hit the spacebar at the beginning and end of each contraction. EASY.

We left for the hospital once my contractions were more regular and closer together. We arrived at about 10 am and it was a pretty funny experience walking in. The old women at the reception desk start to ask “Can I help you?” before looking up, but once they see the ENORMOUS pregnant woman with her husband, carrying THE BAG, the boppy, the cameras, they just start pointing towards the labor and delivery wing.

The labor was uncomplicated, 14.5 hours from beginning to end. I didn’t use an anesthesia, although the nursing staff did ask. I was more afraid of the needle in my back than the pain of contractions and I developed a bit of a holistic approach to life in general while pregnant. Apparently the no-epidural route is not one frequently taken in our area and every medical professional seemed rather surprised by my decision.

I must admit that there was a moment when I thought to myself, “I am never doing this again,” meaning childbirth. Fortunately I got over that pretty quickly!  But all in all, childbirth was a very empowering and miraculous experience that I am forever blessed to have been a part of.


8 responses to “Pregnancy wrap up

  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing your birthing experience here on your blog. That is an awesome idea, using the note cards with Bible verses. I’m too scared of the needle in my back too, so if I ever do get to experience childbirth then I’m not going that route either. Congrats again!

  2. I love those bible verse cards. I often find myself tearing out nice pictures from magazines, but I love how you matched them up with verses. I think that could be a great help even when not in labor!!

    Did you go to the suburban? I had my first son there. It was an experience…the labor nurse was great, the others, not so much! But my experience the second time was awesome, of course could be because it was at the hospital I was working at at the time!!

    That is an experience that will always engraved on your brain. You will always remember it as if it were yesterday!!

  3. Dana~Foolishly, I have shied away from your blog of late because I thought you’d be too busy with baby to write ANYthing! Was I wrong. What a wonder you are. How the Lord has blessed you so! Good for you. Thanks for sharing your experience and wonderment at this time in your life. Just take pleasure and joy in each day with your baby daughter and your Keith. I know surely you are favored.

  4. Yay, and good for you!! I am an out on a limb christian… but even non religious folks must admit that birth and death are incredibly spiritual events. I had the same thoughts about that epidural, freaked me right out. But novocaine in the cervix? Oh yeah.. not something most midwives do, but mine had done it a lot…worked great for about an hour, then I was beyond it working a second time. Truthfully though what is most important is walking out of there with a healthy baby, so however it comes is fine. And remember, babies come in their own time, and they never stay in there either.

  5. Thank you for sharing. I really enjoyed your post.

  6. Wow. I was terrified of the needle in the back too, and wanted to avoid anesthetic, but ended up with a necessary ceasar.

    I can’t believe you took castor oil though, our birth educator repeatedly warned us against it, and doesn’t false labour just suck.

  7. Wow, thanks for sharing. It certainly gives hope to people like me who havent done it but want to one day!

  8. I’m so glad that it went reasonably well for you. My babies are 13 and 14 now, but their births seem like yesterday. My first child, in particular, I felt this amazing feeling of empowerment as you mention — amazed that God had brought this child into our life and that we were given the glorious responsibility and joy of raising her. We were pretty young when they were born and therefore equally immature. The Bible verse cards are a wonderful idea. I’m so glad that you found your strength in God during your labor and always.

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