Daughters of the human and canine kinds…

I printed this photo and framed it for part of Keith’s Valentine’s Day gift. His 3 girls! I sometimes forget that he is outnumbered here!

I mastered the side lying nursing position when I had that awful flu a few weeks back and you know what? It comes in handy, especially when you are exhausted from lack of sleep, have a headache, and just need to put your pounding head down for a bit. The above photo is from such a time, and Sweet Pea fell asleep for a few minutes, in what I call a “food induced coma”. Mercy is all snuggled up to her! Don’t worry, I didn’t leave my baby in the bed with all those covers and SIDS factors. She sleeps in her crib, free of stuffed animals, blankets, etc. This was just a few minute occurrence. Besides, they don’t IMMEDIATELY die from SIDS if they have a blanket near them, although I feel I have been trained to think that!

Thank you all for the yorkie misbehaving suggestions from my last Dogs on Thursday post. Mercy continues to bark, although I have proactively given her a “pacifier” while nursing Sweet Pea- a Kong filled with her food and treats or yogurt, a biscuit, a bone to bury. And that helps. A LOT. I’m waiting to finish some applesauce to try the coins in the jar trick.

The weather here continues to be uncooperative for walks with Mercy, the slush does a number on her paws and she doesn’t last very long outside. Soon enough though, all four of us will be in San Diego and we’ll be taking Mercy and Sweet Pea to Dog Beach! I can’t wait!

Ahh… Dog Beach memories….


16 responses to “Daughters of the human and canine kinds…

  1. Such cute pictures!

    I can’t imaging letting Layla loose without a leash – we might never get her back! She’s still SUCH a runner! Did you take Mercy to obedience school? We’re considering it :O)

  2. That is a great picture of the 3 of you!

  3. That looks like a happy dog running on the beach!

  4. I swear I have the exact same pic of my dog Toby. He’s a yorkie/silky something but looks exactly like Mercy in that wind-in-the-face photo!

  5. How sweet you all look together. It brought back precious memories of when my chicks were little. I enjoy hearing about your family and wow you are moving to San Deigo-Lucky you. One of the nicest places on earth.

  6. What a great girls photo!
    Happy dogs on thursday!

  7. Mercy leaps so cutely ๐Ÿ™‚
    And Sweet Pea is just precious- I love a sleeping baby!

  8. What a great picture of the three of you!
    I really like the beach pictures too!
    Happy Valentines and Happy DoT!

    One day when you are up to it and not swamped I would like to do a Dot Doggie Spotlight on Mercy.

  9. What a beautiful picture of the three of you.

    Life will be much easier now that you can comfortably nurse while laying down.

    Love the avatar!

  10. Sweet baby and what great pictures of Mercy.

  11. Dog Beach! Frisky wants to go too! What a great picture of Mercy galloping wildly lol. And your baby is absolutely precious – how do you get anything done with that cutie around?!

  12. That picture of Mercy running on the beach like a big wild dog just cracks me up! I loved loved LOVED the side lying nursing. The kiddo actually slept with me (probably too long, but you know, do what you need too, what works for you…). There’s little that is as sweet and wonderful as a sleepy baby who is content and full.

  13. what cuteness! Great pictures.

  14. I love the Valentine’s photo–what a sweet present. And the Yorkie–run, doggy, run! Too cute.

  15. You all are adorable!

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