The postman rings twice

And he brought me what I had been waiting for:

Size 6 12″ Addi circulars, so I can make my hourglass sleeves, and my Patons Street Smart pattern booklet.

Using such a small circular needle was a first for me, and I found it a bit difficult for the first 10 rounds or so. After a bit of fabric was established, it became a great deal easier.

My knitting goals this week are to finish the sleeves and finish Sweet Pea’s booties. Let’s see how I do!


4 responses to “The postman rings twice

  1. the street smart pattern booklet looks great!

  2. I have been feeling a little sad about not making more progress on baby knits and hubbs has been telling me that i will have some time after the baby is born to knit….I think that you are proof!

  3. Fun mail is waaaaay bettter than the the other kind! enjoy.

  4. I know just what you mean about the 12″ circ – it took me some getting used to, too! I do think I prefer it to dps for sleeves though. Darling pic of Mercy on DOT – perfect excuse for more cute doggie sweaters 🙂

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