Mercy’s new ‘do

Mercy got a new ‘do this week.

I’m not sure if she likes it. Looks like she’ll be wearing those lovely handknit sweaters a little bit more this year! I think the cut makes her look younger.

This morning I finished up Sleeve #1 and attached it to the body of my hourglass. As exciting as it was to see my sweater start taking shape, it was a bit of a tease since I am still a few days away from starting the yoke.

How did I have time to do this? We didn’t have anywhere to be this morning and Sweet Pea slept until 9, giving me ample opportunity to have a cup of coffee (half caf, of course), have some devotional time, and knitting time.

Speaking of sleeping… what exactly is the definition of “sleeping through the night”? I think of it as, we put her to bed at 8 and she sleeps until 8am. Sweet Pea is NOT doing that yet. She will go to bed between 7-9, have one more feeding before midnight and wake up about 6 hours later, eat and go back to sleep. She has had a few occasions where she has gone from 10 pm until 8 am, but not consistently. Ahh… predictability would be nice.


13 responses to “Mercy’s new ‘do

  1. Love Mercy’s pic. She looks lovely. As for Sweet Pea’s nocturnal habits. Changing daily for quite a while. Soon, she’ll make it through the night. And then, there will be more changes and you will wonder how she grew up so fast. I think that’s just natural. Love your sweater.

  2. Mercy looks quite chic in her new doo. I do agree the new cut makes her look years younger…although she was quite darling before the beauty treatment. Does she require ice cream after her hair appts? My mom’s yorkie always did since she considered hair day trauma time.

  3. I’d call 10 to 8 sleeping through! My daughter did 10 to 6am and I called it sleeping through. Unfortunately she stopped doing it and we’re now back to the 2 am feed.

    Your sweater is looking lovely.

  4. Her do is just fine… what a cutie!

  5. Mercy looks ravishing with her new ‘do!! It always takes a while to adjust to it. Such a cutie dog!


  6. Layla thinks it’s a good look for Mercy!

  7. Glad that both of your girls are doing great. Mercy looks so cute in your photo.

  8. Mercy is ready for the red carpet! As for sleeping through the night, 6 hours straight is pretty good. Certainly allows you a reasonable (even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time) sleep. Of course 8 hours would be perfect, but unpredictability keeps you young! Or something like that….

  9. I am enjoying getting little glimpses from you on what to expect (if ANYTHING with babies is typical) 🙂 What a wonderful time for you and your hubby

  10. She does look younger! And a little less wild, problaby why she doesn’t seem so happy, because she’s really a big wild dog inside.

  11. Awww … I love her new do! I also think the picture of you and your girls is great. A lovely gift for your husband, indeed.

  12. hi
    Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.

  13. Hourglass is looking wonderful! a great color. Mercy’s cut is adorable – she looks a lot like my dog who got a hair cut and bath yesterday, too. I seriously have to post some photos of my doggie so you can see the resemblance!

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