Always double check your needle size…

This is what was Daphne’s Baby Cape.

Cast on 261 stitches, knit about 15 rows, frogged all 3,915 of them.

I was using my size 3 Addi’s instead of size 6. The 3’s were hanging around because I had just finished the back of Princess Sweet Pea’s cabled coat.  I don’t know how I will be able to catch up!!!

I blame baby brain. You know, the mysterious forgetfulness that shows up during pregnancy and then doesn’t leave after the baby is born?

At least it’s still snowsuit weather here and not cape-weather yet.


7 responses to “Always double check your needle size…

  1. What a cute baby picture! She looks adorable.

    I hated baby brain. I did a lot of stupid things after my daughter was born. 🙂 (Once, I was cutting the grass on our riding lawn mower and I ran over some tree saplings!)

  2. Awww….I still do things like that sometimes….I used to hate frogging, and I still do when it’s for stuff like that….but I am right now contemplating frogging that tubey of mine…

  3. Hate to tell you baby brain just gets worse….

  4. Ah but you’re still young and fast and will make up lost time quickly…wait until you hit the ‘other’ side of 40…talk about baby brain but wait, they are grown by then….*sigh*

  5. That could happen to anyone and has happened to me even all these years later. I guess baby brain ages with the children and becomes toddler brain, adolecent brain and then the dreaded teen brain. I am still recovering from teen brain with my last teenager. ;0) Baby is beautiful and Mercy looks very sweet with the new haircut.

  6. Nearly 50 here! Just keep thanking the Lord for your wonderful Sweet Pea and Hub and Mercy! All is well! Knitting is for relaxing!

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