Dog phobias

Mercy hides under the bed when I am cooking.

You’d think I am a really bad cook or something, if my dog runs for cover every time I turn the oven on, but I’m actually a decent cook! I love cooking. My dog is just super afraid of smoke. We can’t even make grilled cheese without sending her running.

Other phobias Mercy has? People with large hats, construction workers, garbage men, men with beards, and anyone that smokes cigarettes. It’s quite embarrassing to be on a walk with her when we encounter one her fears. She barks, growls, and just generally freaks out.

Perhaps a trip to the doggie psychiatrist is in order?  (Have you seen “Best in Show“? )


10 responses to “Dog phobias

  1. Layla doesn’t have any phobias yet- but she’s still young! And when I’m cooking, she’s constantly under my feet! You have to be very careful not to step on her.

    Poor Layla, she “got fixed” yesterday, and her microchip put in and her tattoo…. and 6 baby teeth pulled. She’s a pretty sad puppy today :o(

  2. Mercy looks so cute under the bed!

    Best In Show is a really funny movie. Phoebe always barked at things with wheels – skateboarders, the UPS truck – and we’re not sure how that happened. She was also afraid of baby gates but that’s because one fell on her once. Ouch!

  3. Awww, Oscar can’t get under the bed, since there isn’t one. But one if his favorite places is the top of the couch, that is where he goes when he thinks he is in trouble. Since we let the cat up there and my FIL’s cat (who is the same size as Oscar) we don’t bother with trying to get him down.

    BTW…cute pic for hubby for v-day….you girls sure are cute! I am sure he enjoyed it!


  5. Pretty funny! Maybe try the homeopathic remedy for performance anxiety? For phobias of some sort??? Maybe you could wear her around in the snuggly while you cook?

  6. Best in Show is a great movie! My golden retriever is scared of a lot things. One of the strangest is the laundry basket. Empty laundry baskets. It makes me wonder if he previous owner stuck one over him or something? Given his overall fear of other inanimate objects I doubt it. So I can relate.

  7. Casey doesn’t like it when we turn the oven on either, I think it must emit some sort of sound or something.
    “Best in Show” is one of my favorite movies, love it!

  8. LOL! She is just trying to tell others to stop smoking!
    Elise’s phobias are the vacuum cleaner, marching bands, geese and the card table.
    I can understand the vacuum and marching bands because they are very noisy and geese are just plain mean, but the card table being brought out?
    Who knows why?

  9. I LOVE Best in Show! One of my favorite movies. It’s funny that Mercy, with all of her facial hair would be afraid of someone with facial hair!

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