Another baby hat!

My hourglass sweater progress was interrupted by a new baby boy, Noah, who came two weeks early. This is the second time a friend of mine has gone into labor early and sent me scrambling to knit something. Maybe I should just start knitting for babes earlier?

Another Child’s Cotton Hat, from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I truly love this book and the last minute-ness of this particular project. I suppose I could probably finish one in a day if I didn’t have, umm, interruptions. This is the fourth cotton hat I have knit in the past 6 months and the first time I experimented with color changes. I am quite pleased with the way it turned out.

Noah’s mom is my table leader at MOPS, a Mothers of Preschoolers group I belong to . When Sweet Pea was born, she organized meals for us the first two weeks after we came home from the hospital. Yesterday was my turn to bring over dinner to her house. And a cute knitted gift. 🙂

MOPS, is a group of mothers who share the common bond of having little ones at home, from pregnancy up to kindergarten. We meet twice a month and cover all sorts of different topics, share stories, and enjoy a little time away from our little ones (who are being cared for by a loving nursery staff).

The support from a group like MOPS is great, for first time moms and fourth time moms alike. It’s nice to have somewhere to go, to meet other women in similar situations, and to be encouraged! Being a mom is NOT an easy job. You can’t clock out at 5 or 6, you are on call 24-7. I would highly recommend a group like this to everyone!

People ask me often how I am adjusting to motherhood, if I’m going stir crazy, etc, and I have to say I really feel pretty good. I don’t stay cooped up in the house all the time, I am out just about every day, doing something, whether it be bible study once a week, MOPS twice a month, or exercising with a friend. Even on days that I am home ALL DAY LONG I usually feel okay about it. I’m raising our daughter, and I can’t think of a more important job I could be doing. It’s a privilege to be a wife and mother.


3 responses to “Another baby hat!

  1. The hat is really cute! MOPS sounds like a wonderful idea. I have nothing like that where I am…

    People ask me if I’m going mad being at home too, (I was a workaholic for a long time) but I’m loving the relaxed pace and just being at home with my daughter and myself for company is lovely.

  2. I agree. Being a wife and mom is a very important job. It’s the best job I’ve ever had. 🙂

  3. I have been eyeing the baby drawstring pants! So far, I have only done an earflap hat from that book. I love flipping through all of my knitting books for inspiration

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