Swift action required

Presenting… my new swift and ball winder!

I can’t believe I went without one for so long! Imagine, winding up skeins in the kitchen by hand, going round and round the chairs… now I just set up the swift and wind away. Looks like I may need more yarn to practice winding. 🙂


13 responses to “Swift action required

  1. Me too!! Congrats on the swift, do you mind telling where you got it from? It looks really pretty!

  2. Aren’t they fun! Our swift pretty much “lives” on the dining room table. It’s art, right?

  3. Maybe you need to buy some more yarn to wind up. Just an idea… 😉

  4. Congratulations! Those are some of my favorite tools. It’s so much faster than winding by hand and it’s fun!

  5. Watch out – when I got mine, I was running around the house looking for stuff to skein…I actually re-skeined perfectly good balls of yarn. It is totally addictive! (At least at first!)

  6. Isn’t it fun? And the ball winder is a grreat way to keep a 5 year old busy for hours! wind, unwind,wind, unwind…

  7. Oh, I am envious! I was hoping for one for my birthday last week. Maybe I will treat myself anyway. I could really use it!! Enjoy!!

  8. We finally got swifts here too so I have both as well. It is so great (especially when you don’t require someone elses help to wind yarn). My family doesn’t know what to make of it all though.

  9. You definitely need new yarn… practice, practice, practice! And new yarn… yum!

  10. That’s a pretty swift! I’ve been using my knees… but if this spinning thing gets going, well, I’ll need the swift and winder too.

  11. A swift + ball winder = heaven!

  12. oh, you lucky girl! If you run out of yarn to wind, I have some that you could practice with!

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