Creature of Habit

Dogs, like people, are creatures of habit.

Mercy’s habits? Some normal, some weird, but that’s why we love her.

She is awakened from her slumber at around 6:20 am, which is when the coffee maker finished brewing and my husband goes to fix himself a cup ‘o joe. Keith will open Mercy’s kennel door and she will come tearing into the bedroom and jump up on the bed, quickly burrowing her way under the covers to sleep some more.

Once I grab my glasses from the nightstand, she will bolt out of bed to look out the window. It doesn’t matter how quietly or slowly I reach for my specs, she always hears me and gets up. Once I get out of bed to get MY coffee, she goes outside to do her bizness… but I have to be careful that she isn’t out there when our neighbor is walking her dog, otherwise mass chaos will ensue.

Other habits? She completely flips out when I open my sock drawer and pull out a pair of running socks. Granted I haven’t taken her on a run outside in quite some time due to the snow, but she is hopeful every time just the same. When the television turns off, she sprints to the bedroom, thinking it is time for bed, regardless of the time of day.

And one of my favorite habits? When Keith works late and isn’t home by his usual 6:30 time… Mercy sits up on top of the couch staring at the front door until he comes home. I smile every time I see her up there because my heart is doing the same thing… just waiting for my hunny to come home!


15 responses to “Creature of Habit

  1. So cute! Aren’t they funny little things?

  2. Awwww.
    The first one is the Cutest dog picture ever.
    (And I HAVE a dog.)

  3. Mercy is so cute!! I really like those two photos!! My dogs and I do the same thing, waiting for hubby to get home!

    It’s really funny, but dogs have and love routines too. Mine know that after they eat we will throw the Frisbee. They hurry though their dinner to play!

  4. fireflynights

    The photo of Mercy under the covers is adorable. It reminds me of what Mosby does. And our Roscoe understands when the computer says “Goodbye” like Mercy does when the TV goes off. He thinks I’m getting up and leaving the room, and he’s puzzled when sometimes I keep working on something else offline when he’s ready for me to go someplace else.

  5. Thank you for letting me spotlight Mercy today!
    She is the cutest dog!

    Elise will wait everyday by the sliding patio door for her favorite person (my hubby) to come home.

  6. LOL, our dogs do the exact same thing when the tv goes off… granted the tv pretty much ONLY goes off when its time for bed (we leave it on all day for them), so…
    She’s so cute!

  7. What cute shots. Does she ever take a bad one?

  8. Mercy is such a sweetie!

  9. Mercy is such a cutie…I love the shot of her under the covers!

  10. She is adorable! Gotta love the funny quirks they have!

  11. Mercy is just adorable! I enjoyed reading about her on the ‘Dogs on Thursday’, and seeing all her cute pictures.

  12. So cute!!! Mercy is such a darling girl. Frisky sits in the same spot in our house, on the back of the couch facing the door, and he about hits the roof whenever one of us comes home. It must be a little dog thing lol 🙂

  13. How cute! Raven and Micha do laps to get fed at our house. When I take out the food bowls, they start to run in one door to the kitchen and out the other and around again. One goes clockwise and the other goes counter. I think, they think they have to do this or the food doesn’t appear….

  14. She’s adorable. Sometimes I think *they* train us!

  15. too cute! She reminds me of Oscar when he is perched on top of our sofa!

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