Little diva

We attended an auction last weekend to benefit a local school and picked up quite a few lovely items.

Among the baskets we won? A “diva” dog package, that included Mercy’s new snuggle toy…

And some watermelon “in between bath wipes”, since ALL dogs need that, right?

The basket also included a collar, leash, gift card, bowls, and treats. It’s an early birthday gift for Mercy 😉 I think that the wipes will come on handy after those muddy romps in the park.

Among all the lovely baskets at the auction, of which there were hundreds, I was astonished to see that there WAS.NOT.ONE.KNITTING.BASKET!!! I believe I will be putting one together to donate next year. There have to be other knitters in attendance, right?

There are several other goodies that we came home with, but I’ll save those for another day… and show you my hourglass progress instead:

Today is the first day of spring, but there is snow on the ground, therefore I believe that I might just be able to wear this beauty soon. Keep your fingers crossed!


10 responses to “Little diva

  1. Diva Layla can endorse those wipes.

    Diva Layla- yeah right.. she’s quite the tomboy :o)

  2. Mercy is indeed the little diva!! Congratulations on your winnings!!

  3. No knitting basket? I can think of lots of goodies that would make a nice basket. Imagine the possibilities!

  4. The puppy looks so darling and the basket is wonderful. Your hourglass is looking good.

  5. The knitting basket is a great idea. And Mercy sure looks girly there 🙂

  6. Always great to win stuff for your doggies while helping a good cause!
    I was just looking at those wipes for my Dogs on Thurs Spring Swap pal – lol

  7. Doggie wipes? What will they think of next 🙂 Frisky could certainly use some – right after he is bathed he always finds some stinky patch of weeds to roll in. I did a knitting basket at my kids’ school Holiday Fair last year and one of the best fringe benefits was finding out how many other knitters were out there! I say go for it 😉

  8. Have you ever taken a bad photo of Mercy? They are always so very cute. I know she’s enjoying her doggie diva package.

  9. Have not hopped on your blog for a bit and oh, what I have missed! The previous commenter was correct…no bad photos of Mercy. And I am pretty sure you look much better than you give yourself credit for. Hey, it took nine months and you say there is about 5-10 pounds left? I wish! What is my excuse? My kid is 27…YEARS!!!

  10. Mercy has the most diva-like expressions! She deserves it all.

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