So they say it’s your birthday….

Mercy is three years old! Her birthday was actually yesterday, March 23, but was a little overshadowed by Easter…

Her gifts were the basket from the auction last week and a trip to California tomorrow with the family:) lol.


9 responses to “So they say it’s your birthday….

  1. Happy Birthday Mercy!! Hope everyone has a wonderful time on the trip to California!

  2. Happy Birthday Mercy- my youngest (who just turned 19!! ahhhh!) shares your birthday!

    Layla would sing happy birthday for you but, well, she’s a dog and doesn’t know any words :o)

  3. Happy Birthday, Mercy!

  4. Happy birthday, sweet Mercy!

  5. Happy Birthday Mercy!

  6. Happy Birthday little girl! (Aries… that explains a lot).

  7. Mercy is just too cute. She’s rapidly climbing up my list of favorite dogs from the DOT list if she hasn’t already made it to the top. If I don’t count my friend’s dogs that I actually know, I think Mercy is pretty close to #1.

  8. Forgot to say Happy Birthday to her.

  9. Shiloh, my golden, would like to say “Happy Belated Birthday!”

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