Happy Trails

It’s no wonder that California produces incredible runners with trails like this everywhere.

We went out to San Diego to visit Keith’s family and we had the opportunity to go running together a few times while “West Coast” Grandma & Grandpa tended to Sweet Pea. Keith took me (and Mercy) to the Sweetwater Reservoir Hiking Trail that he used to run on during college. The views were breathtaking and the hills were heartbreaking!!!

While on vacation I did my first tempo run ( a faster-paced workout also known as a lactate-threshold, LT, or threshold run) since giving birth and I am gaining confidence in my ability to actually do well in the half-marathon May 25th.

Strength training has been my downfall, as I have not consistently been hitting the weight room. Hopefully I will figure out a way to make that part of my weekly routine, now that my mother is back from Florida and might be able to watch the baby.


4 responses to “Happy Trails

  1. Gorgeous trail! What a great place for a run.

  2. What a great looking trail! I was thinking about getting out to the trails at Paris Mountain….I miss it. But I won’t run unless it is at least 70 degrees!

  3. What a beautiful picture!

  4. Good for you for getting back on the trails again! I hope that means your hip has completely healed and you are pain-free. What beautiful scenery to enjoy too!

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