Sweet Pea wore her first dress this past Sunday- and tights too!

No shoes though. The booties I made her are still too big.

Everyday she seems to learn something new. She’s really into making raspberry noises and just on Sunday she started sitting up on her own (we still surround her with pillows- just in case!).

We even gave her a bath with her sitting up instead of on the little baby sling.

Pictures just don’t do her justice!

~ Every good and perfect gift comes from above- James 1:17 ~


15 responses to “Milestones

  1. awwww, congrats Sweet Pea on your accomplishments! You are growing up so fast!

  2. She is adorable and so are you! She definitely has your eyes too! Yeah for learning to sit up. She’ll be crawling around before you know it! LOL

  3. She is SO cute! You look great, too!

  4. Sweet Pea is adorable!!! And you look terrific!

  5. She’s so cute!! You look fantastic too!

  6. She is such a sweetie! I love her little toes sticking out from the towel (oh and the dino towl is good too!)

  7. I can’t wait to come home and see those raspberries in action!

  8. She is so very very cute!

  9. What a cutie! It’s so much fun when you can do the dressy girly stuff with them!

  10. She is precious!!!

  11. She looks like a beautiful doll. Such a sweet smile!

  12. She is so adorable. I think we all have to admit it’s obvious she shares some genes with her Uncle!

  13. Oh so cute! Just dropping by to see how everyone is doing…looking ever so great! Enjoy this time.

  14. And don’t forget baby dedication on Sunday! She was so stinking cute, Dana! I was waving to her from the choir! I actually contemplated sneaking up in front of the musicians to give her a peekaboo!

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