Spring Swap

Katie sent me a wonderful package for the Dogs on Thursday Spring Swap.

What a wonderful package! It included some Sugar & Creme cotton, towels for Mercy, a squeaky squirrel, a tug toy, a package of sunflower seeds to plant, and some gourmet dog treats in the most adorable basket. Oh, yeah.. there was a package of chocolate & carmel Werther’s Originals… but I um, ran 6 miles yesterday and threw my willpower out the window. ooops. Thank you Katie for such a lovely swap!

Here’s an action shot of Mercy with her new squirrel toy:

All you dog people out there know how hard it is to get a non-action shot when you introduce a new toy!

This was the first swap I participated in since Sweet Pea was born… and it was fun! Thanks to the gals at Dogs On Thursday for putting it together.


8 responses to “Spring Swap

  1. What a GREAT swap package – I love the bakset/bucket!

  2. What a cool bucket and great stuff too. Love Mercy with her squirrel!!

  3. Sweet Pea looks pretty happy with everything, too.

  4. I hope you and Mercy enjoy everything. Love the action shot!

  5. What fun! Our dog has a pheasant and adores it.

  6. Mercy is sure enjoying the squirrel!

  7. What fun! Your blog has all the cute photos, between Sweet Pea and Mercy. They are so cute together!

  8. I wanted to stop by and thank you for the wonderful DOT package. I love it! The dogs snarfed the treats before I could take their glamour shot. Thank you so much – it’s wonderful. g

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