Consequences of Polygamy in Knitting

When knitting a baby project, BE MONOGAMOUS!!! Do not fall into temptation and dabble in other projects. The resulting consequences can be devastating…

That said, I have very little time to complete the Cabled Coat with Hood, as spring is coming and Sweet Pea is growing. She will be 6 months May 10th…….. is it possible to finish by then? If I tarry much longer, it will be too warm outside for her to wear! I am just starting the sleeves… I’ll be back when I can!


2 responses to “Consequences of Polygamy in Knitting

  1. Babies grow so fast, its hard to know what size to make and how long it will be wearable. I’m on the sleeves and then there will be a little finishing left on the cardigan for my little cousin. I hope I can get it finished and sent to him this weekend!

  2. Maybe it is roomier and Sweet Pea can still wear it. The age sizing is just a guide, don’t sweat it. I am sure she will be able to wear it on cooler monrings and evenings.

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