A setback

The May 25th half-marathon is a no-go for me. I hope to be there to cheer on my girlfriends (would you believe I know 3 women who are running the half and two that are running the full marathon?).

I am a little bummed. I was VERY bummed last week about it, especially since I had just started training WITH people. There is something incredible about running with one of your gal pals- not only is it motivation, but you talk the whole time and it’s so much better than your regular heart to hearts over those thousand calorie decadent chocolate cake, etc, because you BURN a thousand calories instead!

Endorphins make me happy. So does burning calories.

Why am I out? I hurt my back two weeks ago. I haven’t been able to pinpoint a certain movement that did it, but rather a combination of running hills, lifting weights a little too zealously, and getting the car seat (with child) in and out of the back seat of my 2 door car.

I was very humbled, as I have never really had back problems and sort of wondered how much someone’s back could hurt. Well, it can hurt A LOT! I could hardly pick up Sweet Pea and placing her in her crib was an operation for sure- I would sit her down in her crib, then hold on to her arms and lower her to a laying down position.

I am feeling much better now, about 85%, and finished my first post-back run yesterday morning (yeah can you believe it? I woke up early, woke the baby, fed her, went to the gym, and came back in time to make my husband breakfast before he went to work!). I don’t doubt that I could get my mileage back up and I know that I could run the whole 13.1 miles on race day……….

But you see, I have a little bit of a competitive bone in my body. A big one actually. And I decided that I couldn’t safely train hard enough to break the 2 hour mark at this point. Two years ago, before I was a mama, I would have pushed myself and to heck with the consequences of possible injuries. But I am a mama now, and being injured and taking care of a baby is not something I would like to do again.

So, it’s 1:59 in the half or bust for me, so May 25th is out.

The half marathon will be delayed until the fall, since longer events are not usually run in the dead of the summer due to the heat. I shed my tears and then my husband and I came up with a plan to break that 2 hour mark. I have 6 more months to get there 🙂

It’s all good.

“In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.”- Proverbs 16:9


5 responses to “A setback

  1. Ouch! Sorry to hear about your injuy. I think that pregnancy made me really appreciate having a “normal” functioning body. You are right, you really take for granted all that our bodies can do until something happens to impair your back, or an arm, etc. Way to go for having a plan and the motivation to set a new date! I used to run track in high school and have been having the running bug lately myself. Might start doing some trail runs/jogs with our pup!

  2. I hope you heal up soon!
    Better to rest up and heal then do more damage- fall will be here before you know it!

  3. I am glad to hear you are feeling better. I pray you’re at 100% soon as having a baby and pain is no fun!

  4. I’m sorry you won’t get to run and I hope you feel all better very soon!

  5. Feel better! Look at that, wisdom comes with a baby! You should look into getting some massage, it might help you get well sooner.

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