Taking shape

Sweet Pea’s coat is finally starting to take shape.

I still have a ways to go… like finish the hood, the button band, and set the sleeves in, oh and do the pockets… but at least it’s starting to look like a coat instead of random cabled swatches of fabric. My husband reassuringly told me that if the weather is too warm for Sweet Pea to wear it, he’ll just have to crank up the A/C and take her on field trips to the polar bear exhibits… I just love that man! He always keeps me smiling and positive. His view of life is ALWAYS the “glass is half-full.”

I feel like I am starting to take shape too, finally! Although the scale says that I am pre-pregnancy weight (actually a few pounds less!), this deflated-beach-ball-looking stomach makes me wince. So I keep trucking along… I’ll get there eventually!

My running plan has changed, as I mentioned last week. I am now working towards a 10k race at the end of June to boost my speed before beginning to train for my fall half-marathon.

I have stopped using PeerTrainer and started using Runners World online Training Log. Running is my main gig, so naturally a running based training log suits my needs much better. I am a graphs and charts kind of gal, and the RW training log makes cool bar graphs that are color coded based on what type of run you did- easy run, tempo run, long run, speedwork, etc. They also have a place to record your average and max heart rates during your workout and will make you a cool graph of that too. Graphs and charts make me happy.

The downside of not using Peertrainer was that I don’t record my daily nutritional intake, but that was a pain to do anyways. I’ve been eating pretty healthily lately and that is partly due to trying to cut down our grocery budget! It’s expensive to eat junk food!!!!! If you don’t have it in the house, you can’t eat it.

And an extra 50 bucks a month that I don’t spend on snack food equates to six hundred dollars a year to spend elsewhere.

Like yarn.

Nice. šŸ™‚


5 responses to “Taking shape

  1. Your hubby sounds wonderful for sure! So sweet!

    I really need to get back into running again. I will have to check out the Runner’s World Training Log. I’m a charts and graphs kinda girl too.

    Hey I really like that philosophy! No junk food = more yarn!! LOL

  2. the jacket is looking great! Wow, charts and all, good for you!

  3. I love to see babies in purple!

  4. $600 to buy more yarn. Mmmm….yarn…..

    How big is the coat meant to be? It looks lovely.

  5. I have to say, Miss Dana, when I saw you in church, you were looking pretty in shape! Congratulations! And, Happy Mother’s Day.

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