Dog Whisperer, help!

Thanks for your support on my last post! Ahhh child rearing…

What about dog rearing? It is Dogs on Thursday, you know. And I have a dog in need of some intervention. Dog Whisperer, are you out there???

She’s generally a happy dog, but she HATE HATE HATES my neighbor. A lot. I think she would bite him if she got near enough. I’m not sure why; he is 75-ish and smokes- the smoking bit is one of Mercy’s phobias, remember? But seriously, it’s embarrassing. And I don’t know what to do.

Mercy doesn’t seem phased at all by this afternoon’s “barking mad” incident. my neighbor was out puttering in front of the condo and Mercy was having NONE of that. She sounded like she wanted to rip him up! Fortunately she couldn’t, and didn’t, as I promptly brought her inside.

The “sun spot” is back and she  couldn’t be happier.

It’s tough to stay mad at her. Especially when she looks like this.


9 responses to “Dog Whisperer, help!

  1. She’s SO cute! Layla’s got some issues with a few pigeons who have the nerve to sit on her windowsill. ….then there’s the constant cat chasing. We’ve been using the squirt bottle when the barking or cat torture gets out of hand.

  2. Some neighbors are just pure evil… just ask my babies! 🙂

    Dogs truly do sense evil…..

  3. I Love You FairyGirl!

  4. We had issues with Sasha after her last pups went. I think she must have thought the neighbours had them because she went ballistic. We just put her on the leash and got them to come over onto our garden. She went mad at first but we kept getting her to sit and they just stood there looking bored until she finally calmed down and now she couldn’t care less. I hope we don’t have to do it all again after these pups.
    She is so cute though.
    She’s probably protecting the baby.

  5. Ugh, dog and neighbor issues, we have a big one here, enough that it makes us want to move! Good luck with it… and as for parenting… it really is all about what works best for you, your child, your family (given the basics of course of love and shelter and food).

  6. fireflynights

    Little Mercy looks like she has the same ability to slide through life on her cuteness just like Mosby does. They can get away with a lot on their looks. Wonder why she doesn’t like the neighbor. Maybe he doesn’t like animals and she knows it.

  7. She is a cutie though. Wilbur & Charlotte are like that about barking unless you are in the house and then they try to molest you.

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