Frugal Friday

Have you ever heard of It’s this sweet site that allows you to punch in your zip code and it will then show you the gas prices at various stations all around your area.

Even though a penny less a gallon realistically only saves me about 11 cents (I have a 12 gallon tank car) it’s the psychological aspect of “sticking it to the gas man.” Or something.

Speaking of gas and cars and such… has anyone revisited the idea of being a one-car family?

We have casually considered it… I’m a stay-at-home-mom with a 6 month old so I am not carting people around to various activities. My ventures out of the house consist of the grocery store, bible study (which is now done for the summer),  a moms group (also done for the summer) and Babies R Us once a month for diapers. I go to the gym a lot too, but we usually walk there since it’s 2 blocks away.

I don’t go out and drive for the heck of it, especially now, and if I am sitting at home, not going places to conserve gas, then why in the world do I have a car? Granted, it is convenient. And nice. And the way we’ve always done things. But I am starting to wonder if it’s really necessary…

Any frugal thoughts? Gas/car related or otherwise?


7 responses to “Frugal Friday

  1. We were a one car family up until my MIL got ill and I inherited her car. Then when it died I got my van and hubby has his small car. So for almost 12 years we were a single car family and I didn’t mind. But with hubby’s new job his hours are all over the place and he felt more secure with me having a car in the driveway. But, both of our cars are paid for, so I guess that should be put in the equation.

  2. I’ve been to that site, but not lately, I suppose I should. I filled up yesterday for the first time in 3 weeks and was pretty sticker shocked! I’m thinking-shorter showers, back to turning off unused lights (we have cfl’s in many of our lights). We were one car for a few days while dh’s truck was in the shop… it put a definite crimp on our schedules (work/childcare… we typically start and end our days 1/2 hour off so one can pick up and one can drop off).

  3. We ARE a one-car family and have been that way for 4.5 out of the 5 years we’ve been married. We had 2 cars for only ~6 months before the older car died and wasn’t worth repairing. It’s worked out just fine and we both have crazy-busy schedules with Jeff and I both in school, with me working full-time in PA. but we live in NJ. You make it work somehow. I count my blessings that we “only” have one car, especially with these ridiculous gas prices. One car, one gas tank to fill, one insurance premium to pay – it’s wonderful and well worth it. But then again – that’s only my opinion and everyone has their own opinion!!!

  4. We would go back to a one car family except for the fact that it is miserably hot here 9 months out of the year. We also have awful public transportation, or we could make it work since most of my driving is within walking distance. I round up the errands and do them in order which helps.

  5. To help save on gas money, I’ve been driving my husband’s truck. My Accord gets much better mileage and he drives pretty far to work. I’ve also combined more trips and stopped most spontaneous trips to the store.

    To help with groceries, I use one of those coupon sites that tells me when things are on sale and which coupons to clip. (I use, but there are other sites, too.) I used to buy what I wanted, but now I’m trying to buy what’s on sale.

  6. Frugal is the key. My sister and I live next door to one another. We car pool to work every day splitting the cost of gas. She works downtown and I work on the way so she drops me off. I take my lunch, my knitting bag or a good book or crossword to occupy my lunch hour. We do any errands on the way home from work. We did this after Hurricane Katrina and then stopped, but found that we needed to put this back into play with the rising prices. I don’t have a problem with this since it helps us both.

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