Ahhh… garden dreams….

Keith shot this photo in the lovely town of Lewiston, NY, about a month ago. I love it! The bright colors, the white picket fence, the whole package.

Little did we know that one week after seeing these beautiful blooms that we would have found a home for us, and one with fabulous gardens too! So next spring, we will have beautiful tulips blooming in our own yard!

Now, what to do about Mercy and the gardens… and the not-completely-fenced-in-yard.


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  1. That’s a great photo! Our backyard isn’t completely fenced in so we bought our new dog an exercise pen. But he usually just sits in it and looks at us. 🙂

  2. Congratulations – very exciting! You must fence in your yard for Mercy. Layla just LOVES being outside and running around – she just prances around like she’s queen of the yard, or runs very fast laps, or just lies there in the sunshine. Of course, she grew up with a yard, so maybe Mercy won’t really care.

  3. Congrats on finding a house!! Can’t wait to hear all about it. Our dogs love roaming around their domain! I guess they have about 1 acre fenced in and they love it!

  4. That is a beautiful pic of the tulips! And congrats on the house!

  5. Just found your blog and I love the title. Good luck with packing, moving, etc. We’re going to be doing the same thing at the end of July. Fun and lots of work!! Also, love the cable baby sweater; so cute!

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