My life has been a giant to-do list lately. Mostly move related.

Finally, our condo is rented to a lovely couple who is getting married in the fall. They’ll be moving in shortly after we move out! We listed the property on Craigslist and utilized a free web program called V-Flyer to make a professional looking listing. It took 8 days to rent the place- and we didn’t have to spend any money for classified ads!

So now it’s full steam packing ahead. Stumbling over boxes, not being able to find anything. I’m sure you can relate.

And a little decor planning for the new place.

I found this cool site through Better Homes & Gardens that allows you to virtually arrange your furniture in your house. You input the room’s dimensions, add architectural elements like windows, doors, etc., and then add the furniture you have. Very fun. BHG has a variety of web programs to try out new color schemes, arranging your deck and yard… it’s quite easy to spend way to much time on there.

I get to buy appliances for the first time in my life this week! A fridge, stove, and hood. I just need to find someone who can install the hood. Is it complicated to put a vent through brick?

I’m researching dog-containment systems (aka the invisible fence type deal) for Mercy, but we will probably be doing some cheap snow fencing for the first year. I just like to plan ahead… logistically and financially.

I’ve been weeding through the different things we want/ need to do to the house and phasing it out. We need to paint NOW, but we don’t need new bedroom linens immediately. Unfortunately, the linens in a bedroom affect the wall colors, so it looks like we’ll be going quite neutral for now. The bathroom needs some work but it works until we have a influx of cash to redo it. The floors should be refinished but that may or may not happen based on how quickly we paint.

In the midst of the above mentioned chaos, I’ve been enjoying walking to the gym as often as I can, since we are currently only a block away. Once we move, we’ll have to drive 2.6 miles to get there. Working out has been my sanity.

What helps you keep your sanity?


5 responses to “To-Do

  1. Have you been to the Benjamin Moore web site? You can try out their paint colors on different rooms (to simulate yours). You can even “paint” adjoining rooms so you can see how one room affects the other. It helped me a lot when I was choosing paint colors.

  2. How do I keep my sanity? Well, a little fiber therapy can help. One of my friends swears by pedicures.

    I enjoy painting rooms. We spent a month repainting our house after we took possession and before we moved in. I have had to repaint before if a color didn’t “work out” the way I planned.

  3. sigh… this glass of wine after 9 hours at work on a SATURDAY is helping keep me sane! When we first moved in, our bedroom needed work and painting (it still does), but I didn’t have energy to do the work before the painting (plaster ceiling and plaster walls with several coats of paint over several layers of wallpaper). It was off-white, and dirty! (the woman smoked a lot over about 40 years). SO… I made up some washes. I used maybe a half cup of paint, a tad bit of paint colors (one batch with ochre, one with I think burnt sienna), and filled to the quart with water, and sponged it all over the wall with a rag. Two or three layers. Over the closet doors (blah recent things) I just dragged the sponge, so it now looks grainy. I think the whole she-bang cost about $2 and took maybe 2 hours TOPS. I did no prep work. Then because the ceiling was so filthy, I sponged on a very very light pale blue. And, magic happened! Now the dirty white looks like peach or linen, and the ‘blue’ looks ‘white’… all like airy lace. I did use fresh white paint on the bit of trim around the ceiling and baseboard, and that was that. It has been good enough that 8 years later I still haven’t done the work that needs doing! So, consider playing and doing something on the wicked cheap to keep you over until you can really get to it.

  4. I checked my sanity at the door 😉

  5. Lets see…cleaning, eating, reading, knitting…sleeping in the hammock…all help to preserve my sanity! Thinking of you Dana. We moved just over a year ago and everything is just about unpacked now!

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