House Progress

The painting was finished Friday. Well… the painting that needed to be done. There is one bedroom upstairs that does not have hardwood floors that can be painted this week. And the teeny foyer has tile and will also be done this week.

We rented the big ole orbital floor sander from Giant Big Box Hardware Store Friday night. The thing was AWESOME and it impressed all of our friends. It was so powerful that every time we turned it on, all the lights in the house flickered and all other powertools in operation ceased for a moment while the giant beast revved up.

But. The beast met it’s match. My husband.

You see, the Giant Big Box Hardware Store does 24 hour rentals, but I don’t think the “powers that be” in their corporation ever thought that the tool would be in operation for that long. Ha! We alternated operators so we wouldn’t have to rent it another day, and so the machine was kept on almost all day. We ran on pure adrenaline from the manly awesomeness of the giant sander. Vrrrrrooooommmm!

At hour 21 with 2 rooms left to do in medium grit and fine grit, the welding cracked.

It was a godsend. We were able to actually take a break to return the sander to the store and get another one, plus they gave us ANOTHER 24 hours free. Ahhh. Sleep. How I missed you.

After 2 days of sanding, sweeping, shop-vac-ing, & tack cloth-ing, the stain was ready to be applied. And I now feel like I have sawdust particles coming out of my pores, despite many failed attempts to cleanse my pores of the grime.

I was able to peek through the tarp to snap a picture of the first coat. (We had tarps up so we could be staining one room while prepping others at the same time and not get sawdust on the fresh stain).

It’s called “Colonial Maple.” If all goes well, another coat of stain will be applied tomorrow night and then two coats of polyurethane by Wednesday. The weather had been really humid here to the dry time is alot slower than normal.

I wish we had more time.


6 responses to “House Progress

  1. Your floor is beautiful! You all did a great job on it. It’s going to be so nice to have these things done before you move in.

  2. Hey!! It looks awesome!! You will love those floors and be so proud for years to come too!

    I feel you’re pain on the remodeling! Hubby & I took our “vacation” last week so we could remodel the bathroom. Now we are back at work to recoup from our vacation! LOL At least we will have a working shower/bathroom soon.

  3. It is gorgeous! You did a wonderful job!

  4. Your floor looks beautiful! I am very impressed. Someday I would like to rip up our carpet and finish our floors.

  5. VERY nice! We need to refinish some floors, but we’ve been here… and where do you put all the furniture while you do so?? And where do you find the time? Maybe I’ll take a week off to do house work some time, or maybe not! Your floor looks great. Glad you have some help too.

  6. It’s going to be gorgeous!

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