Sparks make fire

We had an almost fire experience in the microwave this morning.

We were SO outta food & today is grocery day… and Sweet Pea decided to finally START eating food this week. So I made her some ground up oatmeal, but it was kinda bland.

No bananas in sight, no frozen pureed food cubes, no fruit to puree… I found an apple and diced it up, threw in in the microwave to just get it smushy and before I knew it…

Sparks & smoke.

Maybe I should just buy jarred baby food.


5 responses to “Sparks make fire

  1. Yikes! Sounds like the time I set off the smoke alarm in my dorm room (the first week of school) while microwaving popcorn.

  2. Oh, that darn learning process! Thanks for your comments on my blog. Gotta go now…ugggh!

  3. Well I’m glad it’s an “almost”! I grew up unplugging the toaster because my dad had worked a bunch of fire clean up jobs where the fire was started by the toaster. And, in the 1980’s, there were three times when a toaster in my living quarters started sparking or nearly caused a fire… only that somebody was present avoided disaster (including once coming in and finding the toaster on and melting the plastic that was draped over it to keep the mice out-a mouse had likely stepped on the button-and my cabinmate asleep in the other room-at Cranberry Lake). So I still unplug the toaster, but my parents do not. Go figure.

  4. or maybe a new microwave!!

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