They sometimes cry for no reason, right?

We have some friends who are pregnant. Some are blissfully unaware of what it will be like to take care of said child.

One such blissful couple was telling us of their post-baby work plans.

He: We’ve got it all figured out for after the baby is born. My boss already approved me to work from home one day a week. So I’ll have the baby that day.

She: And I am going to P/T, working 3 days, maybe 4. My mom will watch the baby 3 days and I am going to work from home the other day.

He: Yeah, daycare isn’t for us.

She: No. Definitely not.

Me: You know, you might want to look into having a babysitter or some kind of help on the days you are working from home…

Keith: Yeah, you can’t exactly take a conference call when you have a screaming baby on your hands.

He: Oh, nah, I think it’ll be ok. Sometimes they just cry for no reason right? I can just put ’em in another room and shut the door while I’m on a call or something.

She: (Nodding her head in agreement). Yeah, they cry for no reason a lot right?

We resisted the urge to laugh hysterically.


10 responses to “They sometimes cry for no reason, right?

  1. bwa ha ha ha!!! Some things you just have to figure out for yourself…

  2. ROFL, I really “love” the ones with no clue.

  3. Yikes. Live and learn?

  4. Oh dear. It was like my friend didn’t believe how tired she would be. She said “I’ve had long periods of little sleep before. How bad can it be?” Or this was the classic “She just wees (pees) on me all the time.”

  5. You’ll have to update us when reality hits 😉

  6. Oh. My. This should be interesting. Keep us posted.

  7. Oh, it’s so late and I needed a laugh; thanks for a great post!

    I agree with Carol – this will definitely be interesting! Please keep us posted!

  8. That’s really funny!

  9. The daughter of the leader of our therapy dog group was pregnant last fall and had her baby a few days before our fundraiser being held at their house. A few days before she had the baby, the girl was telling everyone that she’d come down the hill a couple of times during the fundraiser to see what was going on while the baby was taking a nap. Yeah, right. Baby came, and the girl wasn’t seen at the event. Her mother had to keep going back to the house to check on her and the newborn. Even young, athletic girls find out it’s a lot harder than they thought.

  10. One of our daughters just had her first child last evening. Of course she loves her son, but is looking forward to working full time “very soon”. I shall keep you posted, too.

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