A friend of mine, who’s daughter is almost a year old, went back to work part-time this week. She’s in the medical field and the part-time gig really works for her- you only see patients on the days you work- as opposed to the part-time office situation where one “works” p/t with full time project expectations from the boss.

Anyway, she was sharing about her daycare search and told me about a certain center that was over $10 more per day than all the other places she visited. Apparently this place has laserbeams that clean all the toys after the children go home at night as well as this air-filtrating ultra-violet light thing that kills all germs in the air.*



I felt like Seth & Amy on SNL.


Really? You need laserbeams to clean my kid’s toys?

What’s that, soap isn’t good enough for you?

You need Laserbeams?

From your lasercats? Really?

We both had a good laugh.

She decided to take her daughter to the on-site day-care at her work, which is not equipped with lasers.

*I can fully understand one’s concern over their child sharing toys with potentially sick children. I wash stuff at home too, but probably not as much or as often as my mom wished I did… and I bet that if aforementioned laserbeam was on the market, my mom would buy it for us.


5 responses to “Laserbeams

  1. Some places are over protective. Kids need germs to build up their immune systems. That’s why there are so many more allergies and stuff these days. Kids live in an environment that is too sterile.

  2. rEsarch has actually proven that children that live in ultra-clean environments have more asthma than children that grew up on farms eating dirt. Thus, I suspect lazerbeams are a tad over the top!

  3. No worries about my kid growing up in an ultra clean environment! And is it bad that I was only mildly grossed out and concerned when my kid accidentally ate a dropped soy bean off the floor of a restaurant tonite? The damage was done, what good was freaking out about it going to do?!!?

  4. Laserbeams? That’s a new one for me!

    I gave up washing obsessively after child #2 came along… and really, I didn’t do such a great job of it with child #1… Now that we have child #3 I’m embracing what Anna said about kids needing a bit of dirt and germs!

  5. Lasercats! I love that bit, and Andy Samberg in general.

    You do a mean Seth and Amy, btw đŸ˜‰

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